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My biggest fear and how I will overcome it.

Written by Sophie. Posted in Black Belt Research Project 2013

Basingstoke Judo Club - Throw, Tai Otoshi, Fear, Breakfalls, rolling, falling, tripDoing martial arts is difficult sometimes and you can end up doing something that is hard and scary for you but eventually you have to do it and over come it. Like for me, my fear is being thrown to the ground in Judo and sometimes getting hurt. But I have ways to overcome my fear.

One way of overcoming my fear is being able to break fall. Break falling will help me because it will make sure that I will prevent me from hurting myself more than I would without break falling. The stinging up my arms and legs is the sign that the break fall has stopped me from hurting myself badly. I have to make shore I keep my chin tucked in so that I don’t hit my head back onto the floor. This will also help because my hands will take all the shock of the fall as I hit the floor and this will make sure that the rest of me stay together without getting hurt. Break falling is just one way of overcoming my fear.

Another way of overcoming my fear is to trust the person that is throwing me. Trust is vital because you need to know that the person that you are working with is going to look after you and not hurt you. This will give me more confidence to do more without worrying about the worst that could happen to me while doing the thrown. This will also help me because I will know the people that I can trust and work with while leaving the ones I can’t trust who can’t work with me properly. Trust can help me improve my skills and not just my judo but karate as well. I will know the people I can work with and who I can’t. Trust will help me gain my confidence in people and my throws. Another way of overcoming my fear.

Third way of overcoming my fear is repetition. This will help me because I will get use to being thrown that it won’t bother me if I trip or get thrown to the ground really hard. This will also help me improve moves. Practice will help me work at moves I don’t have lots of confidence on. It will also get me used to break falling. Once I have mastered some moves I can start to move on to harder moves. Doing the move lots will help me because I will eventually become more confident and be able to get better and better at it and my fear will slowly go away.

All of these ways can help me get over my fear of being thrown to hard and getting hurt. Break falling will make sure I land safely without causing injury. Also trust in the person who is throwing you is vital because you need to know that the person who you are working with isn’t going to hurt you or throw you to hard. And finally repetition will help because it will get me used to being thrown and getting me used to break falling at the same time. I will also be improving my moves every time I practice. All these ways are going to help me get over my fear.

 By Sophie Pogmore