We’ve had some very interesting discussions with children in our Martial Arts classes recently about self protection topics. Whilst these kids were from the Basingstoke area, the message is not area dependent and is one that all parents need to consider. This video covers just three topics that we discussed with the children;
1) What to do if they get lost/separated from their parents whilst shopping
2) Rescuing Pets which have fallen through the ice on a frozen pond and
3) Fighting off an attacker with a weapon.
Watch this video to understand what children’s perspective were on these area. The ask yourself what you think your child would say to these situations and then ask them what they actually think.
Parents –
We really need to have some dialogue with our Kids about our family expectations of them in certain situations.
It’s important that the kids understand what your perspective is on areas like these three points and others like dealing with bullies at school. If you both don’t understand the expectations, then the outcome isn’t going to be great.
Self protection and self defence is the responsibility of all of us. Please help to educate your children.