We hope that you enjoyed the Martial Arts classes that we ran during the school holidays at Dove House.

If you enjoyed the course and would like to look into learning a Martial Art in a friendly, supportive environment, give us a call to arrange a free taster class at Hampshire’s biggest Martial Arts club.

We teach Karate, Kung Fu and Judo to Children in Basingstoke and all of our classes take place in a specialist purpose fitted Martial Arts facility purpose designed for safe use. Click here for further information on our facilities.

Classes every day of the week for kids and adults including Martial Arts and Fitness Classes.

  • In September 2013 we are running a 10 week special needs only Kung Fu Kids Class
  • Our Karate and Kung Fu classes take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons.
  • Our Judo classes take place on a Monday afternoon and Thursday evening.
  • In addition we run a monthly Special Needs only class, which is free of charge to anyone from Hampshire to take part in.


We are the only Martial Arts Academy in Hampshire that has been awarded Sport England’s Quality Kitemark that teaches a wide range of Martial Arts. Members don’t have to be worried about our credentials, policies or procedures to safeguard participants.


Our Martial Arts Academy has an objective to be socially inclusive regardless of age, race, gender or ability. We are a Club for All. There is no reason why your child can’t learn Martial Arts with us. We have successfully trained members with special needs including Cerebral Palsy, Visually Impaired and deaf along with Autism, Learning difficulties, Aspergers, Dyspraxia and ADHD. There is no reason why we can’t inspire self-esteem in EVERY child and that includes children with special needs.

 We encourage parents who have a child with special needs to contact us so we can discuss a suitable training plan based on your child’s requirements and to understand from you, the best ways to work with them. (Maybe even join in, one of our specialist family classes with your child)

ALL of our coaches are trained in how to successfully teach children and adults with special needs. Our mandatory training includes

  • British Judo Association’s Coaching Judo to athletes with Disabilities and Special Needs 
  • Sport England’s Equity in your Coaching 
  • Hampshire Country Council’s Disability awareness
  • Along with regular internal courses

To give you some ideas about our coaching credentials

  • Our Senior Coaches have over 30 years experience of teaching and training in Martial Arts. 
    • 3rd Dan Judo Coach – The highest graded Judo coach in Basingstoke, Hampshire Judo’s Senior Grading Examiner and past coach of the New Zealand National Team. 
    • 5th Dan in Karate and Kung Fu – Current member of the All Styles Karate National Team, a previous National Champion, a Black Belt examiner since 1993 and Basingstoke and Deane’s Professional Sports Coach of the Year in 2012. Trained three National Champions in 2012.
    • 4th Dan in Karate – Current World Karate Champion and multiple times National Champion. Winchester’s Sportswoman of the Year 2012
    • 14 fully qualified Martial Arts Coaches teaching Classes Find our more about our Coaching team
    • Our coaches have received the following external endorsements:
      • Winchester and District Sportswomen of the Year 2012
      • Basingstoke and Deane Professional Sports Coach 2012
      • Basingstoke and Deane Volunteer Sports Coach of the year 2012
      • Martial Arts Illustrate Hall of Fame 2012
      • National All Styles Karate Champion 2012 and Member of the British Team
      • Basingstoke and Deane Veteran’s Sportsman of the Year 2013
      • Basingstoke and Deane Disability Sportsman of the Year 2013
    •  As a Club we have received the following endorsements:
      • Hampshire and IOW Sports Club of the Year 2011
      • Basingstoke and Deane Sports Club of the Year – 2010
      • Sport England Clubmark Accredited – Quality Kitemark – 2010
It’s not just our Coaching team that are good, Gavin Downey won Bronze and Silver medals in SN Judo Events in Scotland, Ireland, Swindon and Salisbury in 2012 and is Basingstoke and Deane Disability Sportsman of the Year 2013. Edward van Meerkerk was Hampshire and Isle of Wight Junior Volunteer in 2012 and is a current National Champion. Jess Muller is a current National Champion as is Mark Nevola and Jamie Venning.

Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Ju Jitsu and Combat Groove are all taught at Shin Gi Tai – Why be restricted to learning only one Martial Art? With us you can learn many different skills.

We’d like to offer you the chance to come and try some classes with us at a low cost to see how good we are.

£49 will get you 10 weeks of classes in our Wednesday afternoon, special needs class plus a free uniform to keep at the end of the course plus

FREE membership and insurance  to practice a Martial Art.


Parents – We’ll also include for you a month of free fitness classes with Zumba / Body Combat or Martial Arts classes. Classes take place during the day and also during the evening

Click on the table to get more details about our club and to get information on the special offers that you can take advantage of. 

Alternatively send us a text to 07583 686740 quoting the reference “Dove House Pupils Special Offers” with your email address included and we will send you the information.


Find out more about our special offers

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