Kids enjoy training in the Martial Arts when they have a sense of purpose and direction and are in charge of their own learning

Kids Judo, Kickboxing, Karate and Kung Fu


Young Legends is the name given to our martial arts students aged between 6 –  9. Studying Kids Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing and Judo, these classes are designed to teach the Martial Arts skills. to set them on the road to becoming a Black Belt.

In their classes we help to develop a broad base of fundamental skills in kickboxing, close  range sparring, throwing and groundwork. This is using skills learnt from Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing and Judo. These Martial Arts have been carefully chosen to provide a strong grounding in the foundation skills necessary to develop as a good Martial Artist.  

Being a good Martial Artists is about far more than just turning up at your classes each week. Consequently it’s about learning to have a ‘black belt attitude’, even from your very first lesson. It’s all about trying as hard as you can to be the best you can be, not just at your martial arts moves but also in your behaviour and attitude in your Martial Arts class, at home and at school.

Children's self defence classes in Basingstoke, learning to defend

Children between 6 and 9 years old are much more socially adept than their younger siblings and have much better motor skills and control. However most of them are not quite ready to study at the same level as the 10-14 year olds. We will work with them to help them develop physically, emotionally and socially with their peers and friends.

In this age group your child will learn how to fine tune the performance of their motor skills whilst gaining an excellent detailed understanding of their Martial Arts movements at a deeper technical level.



Focus on key skills and knowledge

The refinements to their practise will now focus on teaching and improving their more advanced skills focusing on:-

  • Agility
  • Technique
  • Courage
  • Intensity
  • Flexibility
  • Perseverance
  • Speed
  • Concentration
  • Stamina
  • Self Confidence

Teamwork in Martial Arts. Friends playing together.

The Arts that we teach (Judo, Kickboxing, Kids Karate and Kung Fu) will teach your child different ways to physically develop their body whilst learning new skills in each of the areas that stretch their mind as well.

We work with our Young Legends to help them with anti bullying and self protection skills  both physical and emotional.  In every class we work with them to foster good manners, correct etiquette, team working and a strong work ethic with the premise that their hard work will end in good results for them.

Make the right choice for your child. Get them involved in a sport which will keep them active and safe for life.

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