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mixed martial arts basingstokeMixed Martial Arts or MMA is a hugely popular sport, much of it’s success is down to the effort of the UFC’s competitions and their promotion of the Sport. Many people will have seen MMA legends such as Chuck ‘The Iceman’ Liddell, ‘Captain America’ Randy Couture or ‘GSP’ Georges St. Pierre fighting in the Octagon. What most people forget though, is that all of these top fighters all started somewhere and took time to learn and develop their skills prior to taking part in matches. So don’t be put off, whether you are interested in learning for the fun of it or taking part in competitions, come and learn the necessary skills with us.

Unlike traditional Martial Arts such as Judo, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Kickboxing or Taekwondo, there is no grading or ranking system with MMA. Progress is measured by one’s development in fighting skills.

Our Mixed Martial Arts classes are open to experienced Martial Artists and newcomers alike. Our knowledgeable MMA coaches in Basingstoke teach a wide range of different techniques allowing for different rule sets ranging from semi contact Combat Ju Jitsu through to amateur or semi pro Mixed Martial Arts.

Participants learn a range of skills during these classes and how to seamlessly mesh them together including:-

  • Stand up fighting
  • Close range grappling
  • Throws
  • Groundwork

Training consists of both learning new technical skills and putting them into practice in a conditional manner to learn how to safely use them and then testing them whilst engaging in a match against a resistant opponent.

The Minimum age to participate in this class is 16 years old.  This is a fighting class.

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