The interests and welfare of children taking part in at our Academy are paramount

  •         Parents/carers and children have a right to decide whether children’s images are to be taken, and how those images may be used
  •         Parents/carers and children must provide written consent for children’s images to be taken and used
  •         Images should convey the best principles and aspects of what we practice, such as fairness and fun
  •         Care should be taken to ensure that images are not sexual or exploitative in nature, nor open to obvious misinterpretation and misuse
  •         Images should only be taken by authorised persons, as agreed in the protocol for a particular event
  •         All images of children should be securely stored
  •         In the case of images used on web-sites, particular care must be taken to ensure that no identifying details facilitate contact with a child by a potential abuser
  •         Only use images of players in suitable dress (Tracksuit, full uniform i.e. T-shirt/shorts/skirt, off mat clothing) to reduce the risk of inappropriate use
  •         Try to focus on the activity rather than a particular child and where possible use photographs that represent the broad range of children/young people taking part in Martial Arts. This might include:
    •  Boys and girls
    • Ethnic minority communities
    • Children/young people with disabilities
  • Ensure that images reflect positive aspects of children’s involvement in the Martial Arts (enjoyment / fun / positive influence
Martial Arts Standards Agency British Judo British Council for Chinese Martial Arts – National Governing Body The World Union of Karate Federations Shi Kon Martial Arts British Council for Chinese Martial Arts – National Governing Body Safeguarding

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