Reikon Karate Kata Gi – Size 140


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True connoisseurs of traditional karate suits appreciate the benefits of cut, fit and weave. In these points, the Gi ?Reikon? from Hayashi’s house is 100% in line with expectations. Made of pure cotton, the carat suit with 12 oz fabric weight promises certain robustness and therefore a long service life. Another advantage is the acoustics. The higher the consistency, the easier it is to call the ?whip-bang? or the snap-effect in exactly executed techniques. Especially in the kata area, where your body is the center of attention, Hayashi’s karate suit puts you in the right spotlight. The jacket is laced sideways over the hips and has a sweeping slit, which guarantees you the necessary freedom of movement. Also, the pants are in the typical short fit and give the karate suit ?Reikon? best chances to become your new favorite part. Additional advantages: classic cut, comfortable fit, from 130 cm height, WKF approved.