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Come and try our beginners Tai Chi course.




Are you looking for a low impact, gentle naturally flowing exercise? Tai Chi provides this and more.

Only £25 for 8 weeks. Starting Tuesday 28th February.


Tai Chi is a great way to exercise if you are looking for low impact, gentle naturally flowing exercise. Tai Chi Chuan is a form of exercise and moving mediation that has been practiced for centuries in China for it’s holistic health benefits. The movements are practiced slowly and gently allowing the practitioner to be mindful about what they are doing and how to do it. It offer benefits to all from young people wanting to learn to relax to those older adults who need to the exercise to help keep them mobile or to help them deal with long term pain or illnesses. 

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Come and try Tai Chi:-

  • Health
  • Relaxation
  • Energy
  • Awareness
  • Gentle Exercise
  • Stress relief 
  • And it’s Fun


This course is designed for beginners:​

​Our classes are relaxed and friendly. The coaches are there to help you to personalise your Tai Chi to suit your body, pace and ability. If you can’t do a certain move because of injury, the teachers will help you to find a way that is more suitable for you to safely perform. From your first lesson you will be shown simple to follow exercises and moves that will help to improve your balance, coordination and posture, whilst increasing strength and flexibility. 

You will learn things like this

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Come and join us today at Medway’s Premier Martial Arts Centre holder of Sport England’s prestigious quality Kitemark accreditation “Clubmark.” Come and join our success with our National, International teachers coaching you.


Our professional and fully qualified coaches will help you to achieve your goals.

Call us on 07784 301490 to book your course.



For an 8 week course you pay only £25, which includes FREE annual Membership and Insurance. The cost of the 8 week course, membership and Insurance and T Shirt is worth £105. You save £80 paying only £25.  

Call us on 07784 301490 to book your course or you can book directly onto the course here (This needs to be a link to a Shikon Product)

If you pay online before Tuesday 21st February, we will draw 3 lucky winners who will each receive a complimentary T Shirt worth £16.

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