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Double British Champion

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Karate, Basingstoke, Martial Arts, Gold Medal, Sports AwardsMembers of our Karate club from Basingstoke recently attended the Karate Sport England (KSE) National Championships held in Loughborough.

The team included both experienced players and novices of all ages. The KSE championships are open to all styles of Karate and it attracts some very good international exponents. This year was no exception with European and World Champions competing. Club and Association Teams were entered from over 20 different associations from around the UK. This was our best event to date with us finishing 5th in the medal table for total numbers of medals won.

First up were the Children competing in the individual Kata events. With Georgina Butcher (13) winning a Bronze Medal in the girls under 15s Shotokan Kata (**) meant that we started the day well. Edward van Meerkerk (14) was next onto the podium in the boys under 15s Shotokan Kata winning a Gold Medal and becoming the British Champion. In the process he performed a very accomplished Kanku Dai in the final to convincingly win the Gold.

Next up were the adults with Mark Nevola (49)winning his first Kata medal at a national level. For many years Mark has been a talented and successful Kumite (**) competitor, but in the last year with help from the other club coaches he’s also developed good skills in Kata. He achieved a Silver medal in the veterans Kata beating some more experienced Kata exponents on the way.

Lindsey Andrews (38) was last up for the adults and won a Bronze medal in the Ladies Open category followed by a Gold medal in the Ladies Shotokan open, reinforcing her position as UK #1 in this discipline. In both events she performed new Kata that she has been working on in readiness for the World Championships in June. In the Ladies Veterans Open event, she was leading the field until the final, where a slight mistake cost her the Gold and she ended up with a Bronze medal.

Following the finish of the Kata events, the event moved onto the Kumite, starting with the children’s categories.

Children's Karate, Kids Karate, Safe Karate, Karate for girls, karate kid

Emma Cronk (9) was not only entering her first ever competition, she was entering a National level tournament with many experienced players. She fought her way through to the semi finals and gained a Bronze medal and got some invaluable experience in the process.

Spardha Kumar (16) fighting in the 15-17 years female category also won a Bronze medal, losing out to some very experienced international competitors. Her team mate Jess Muller (15) went one better in the same event and won a Silver medal losing to one of her peers on the Karate England National Team in a narrow final.

Harry Cronk (12) made it a spectacular day for the Cronk family winning several fights very convincingly before being disqualified for excess contact in the semi finals.  This was Harry’s first medal at a National Level and his performance on the day merited a higher medal, but he should be proud of what he did.

Rebecca Halil (14) also had a good day winning fights to get her through to the semi finals, before being narrowly beaten by 1 point to get a Bronze Medal.

Edward van Meerkerk (14) fought through a large contingent in the boys under 45k event. In the quarter finals he fought and beat current England International and World Champion Josh Valentine. He carried on to the final with his usual array of exciting scoring techniques using kicks and punches to score points. He won the Gold Medal and become a double British Champion on the same day having earlier won the Kata event. The video below is of him in action.


Matheus Sanches Alves (19) fought in two events the first being the 18-20 years old category and then the 18+ under 75k category. Both of these events are very difficult with some highly experienced and very good international fighters. He fought some excellent fights to win a Bronze medal in both categories he entered.

Mark Nevola (49) added to the medal haul with a Bronze medal in the Senior Men’s Open and also a Bronze in the Shobu Ippon event. In the Veterans (over 35s) Kumite, Bryan Andrews (45) did well winning his Quarter Final and Semi Final matches 6-0. In the final a controversial decision after a foot sweep downed his opponent, meant he was disqualified and received a Silver Medal. Both fighters are currently working hard to prepare for the World Karate Championships in June.

** (Kata is a choreographed sequence of movements where attacking and defensive movements are practised in sequence. Kumite is fighting against an opponent)


Encouragement in the Martial Arts

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Karate, Basingstoke, Karate England, NGBBlack Belt Research Project 2013

Introduction by Zane Sewell

As part of the preparation for my black belt examination I am going to complete a project looking at how I can help and encourage others to become the best of themselves in their Martial Arts.

To explore this I will consider the following questions:

a) When we practise a Martial Art, sometimes things go really well and sometimes they don’t go well at all. How do you encourage someone when things aren’t going so well?

b) How can you help someone to really want to do well in their training and to become the best that they can?

c) When someone is in the middle of a match and they are losing, what do they think and do to encourage themselves to win?

I believe that this topic tells me to investigate ways of helping people to be as good as they can be and also how to get them to push themselves to achieve future goals.

I will find out how people become the best and also how people become the best outside of karate.  I will also look for deeper information about being the best, and what it actually means.

I will find out my information by searching the internet, getting books from a library and more importantly speaking to other people and finding out their point of view.  In everyday life I will watch and think about what people do when it gets hard in different scenarios.

This topic will teach me how to reach my aims and achieve my greatest and this will be important to me in my training and in general life.

I think that this topic will also help me to become the best I possibly can.

I hope that what I will find out will help me to gain the skills to coach and mentor others in training by being able to encourage them. Setting a good example will inspire other children to become the best.

In the next few months I will create three essays based on the questions above.


Basingstoke Sports Awards 2013

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#GSPOTY, Basingstoke Sports Awards, Club of the year, sportsman of the year, sportswoman of the year. Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Basingstoke

A number of the members from our Martial Arts centre in Basingstoke were chosen to attend the Basingstoke and Deane Sports Awards 2013.

The Sports Awards are organised by Basingstoke Local Sports Council and in particular Kevin Laing and Sue Hillyard in conjunction with a host of other organisations including Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, The Apollo Hotel, Basingstoke Sports Centre, Basingstoke and Deane Community Leisure Trust and Destination Basingstoke.

The aim of the Sports Awards is to celebrate sporting success and achievement in the Borough of Basingstoke and Deane from it’s many talented athletes.

The competition is always fierce with most of the top clubs in the Basingstoke entering various categories. This includes Basingstoke Gymnastics club, Basingstoke Bluefins Swimming club, Basingstoke Ice Hockey club, Totally Tennis, Basingstoke and Mid Hants Athletics club, Basingstoke Rugby Football Club and

We had a number of people chosen to attend to represent the club. They included:-


A – Junior Sportswoman of the year – JESS MULLER
B – Junior Sportsman of the year – EDWARD VAN MEERKERK

C – Senior Sportswoman of the year – LINDSEY ANDREWS
D – Coach of the year – BRYAN ANDREWS
E – Sports Club of the year
F – Junior and Senior Teams of the year

We were also very proud to have a number of winners from the club, including the following


1 – Senior Disabled Sportsperson of the year – GAVIN DOWNEY
2 – Men’s Veterans Sportsperson of the year – MARK NEVOLA
3 – Junior Volunteer of the year – EDWARD VAN MEERKERK
4 – Scholarship award – GAVIN DOWNEY

Basingstoke Sports Awards, Coaches, Coaching, Junior Volunteer, Senior Volunteer, Family Karate, Family Martial Arts

There were many other notable winners, I’d like to particularly congratulate our friends Kevin McAuslin Crine’s Karate student, Jim Feighery-Murphy for winning the Junior Sportman of the year category, Claire Williams from Basingstoke Gymnastics for Coach of the Year and Paul Temple also from Basingstoke Gymnastics for service to sport over a long period. 

Congratulations also go to Paula Clarke, Emma Baldry and Susan Pogmore, who were invited to the Mayors Reception to celebrate their work as volunteer coaches.