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Shin Gi Tai is a fantastic Martial Arts club aimed at anyone from total beginner to Senior Black Belt.For anybody looking to try self defence be it for fitness or as I do for self protection they will find everything needed in one place.Bryan and Lindsey have set up a truly remarkable centre. They both possess a deep knowledge about the subjects they are teaching and Bryan in particular has an ability to not only teach the subject he knows extremely well, but allows us as students to dig further down to the true meaning of what it is we are learning so that you are left in no doubt about how it could be implemented in a real word situation. He also encourages bite-size question and answer sessions during which no questions are too big or small to be put forward. By nature all Martial Arts are extremely difficult but by joining a club such as Shin Gi Tai where the instruction is of such high quality and the atmosphere between members is one of encouragement and respect, I feel I’m giving myself the best chance to be the best Martial Artist I possibly can be ……the rest is up to me!
Bob Wilson

Karate Black Belt, Women's Martial Arts Basingstoke, Old Basing Karate, Brighton Hill Karate, Karate Basingstoke, Female Self DefenceHaving taken up karate as a teenager and gained my Shodan (Black Belt) I became despondent and distracted and gave up. I always wanted to go back to it but there was always an excuse.Over 16 years later I decided to try and get fit and came across the Shin Gi Tai website and gave them a call. That was over a year ago now and I haven’t looked back. I was a bit nervous and worried that I wouldn’t pick it back up or be too unfit or old to start again but Bryan and Lindsey, as well as the other Instructors and Support Team are fantastic and really make you feel like you are a part of a much wider group than just a sports club.

The classes are mixed and you can take up Combat, Zumba, MMA, Judo, all of which keeps your interest and there is plenty of opportunity to hone and improve your skills and progress through the gradings, or just use it as a fun and social way of keeping fit.

My whole family are now involved and it’s great seeing them having fun doing something we all love and training together and to top it off, I was recently reunited with my long lost Black Belt!! Whatever you are after in a Martial Arts Academy, you won’t find a better one than this.

Emma McDade

Shin Gi Tai Martial Arts Academy has been an important part of my families life since 2005.  My son started when he was 5 years old, a white belt, a completely new experience.  We thought karate would be good for self defence, but it has proved to be much more.He achieved his black belt in 2011 and now helps to coach the younger children.  He has a great attitude to life he is extremely determined, disciplined and focused and I truly believe that karate has assisted in this.My daughter has trained for 2 years, for her, karate has given her great self esteem and socially, she has met some very good friends.  My children get a great workout but most importantly they enjoy everything about Shin Gi Tai, and have absolutely great fun.  As a parent I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Sensei Bryan and Sensei Lindsey are two very passionate people that genuinely know my children personally getting the best out of them.  Their positive attitudes gives the dojo a very safe, respectful and caring atmosphere.  If it wasn’t for Sensei Bryan and Lindsey my children would not have achieved what they have today.  They have been great role models and coaches throughout.

Shin Gi Tai is very much part of our lives a highly recommended Martial Arts Academy with something to offer all the whole family.

I go to Body Combat, wow great fun, a great workout and an amazing instructor!  Sensei Lindsey is truly the best thanks for everything!

From a very happy, contented Mum (Jacey, Harry and Emma Cronk)

Shin Gi Tai has given us as a family and as individuals the confidence to enjoy and learn a new sport in Karate and also get fit through Combat and Circuit classes . This is all achieved in a friendly and safe and environment for adults and kids alike. Would recommend the centre to anyone at any level to give it a go.

Emily and Paul Nicholls

My name is Jess Muller, and I have been training at Shin Gi Tai for approximately 7 years. I like training at Shin Gi Tai because: everyone is really friendly, there is always someone there to help (whether that be student or teacher,) and there is always something more to learn.

Now that I am a black belt, there are a lot of exciting things that I can learn and skills I can develop further, instead of not learning anything new or not developing what I already know.

This is what is good about Shin Gi Tai, they don’t ever leave you with nothing to do and there are always individual challenges that are set to test your knowledge and push you further. Shin Gi Tai isn’t just a Martial Arts Academy. You can take part in a variety of different martial arts and fitness classes. These range from judo to mixed martial arts to Body Combat and Zumba to combat groove for the children.

The instructors at Shin Gi Tai are all different and bring individual skills and are experts in everything but they have certain areas that they are extremely talented and accomplished in.  This is really helpful as when we enter competitions, we can try our best to succeed knowing we have the best coaches to support us.

Jess Muller

I started coming to Shin Gi Tai since January 2010 to enroll into a 12 week fitness course. I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was my first venture into a gym since my school days. I was made very welcome by the coaches Bryan & Lindsey,and also by all the club members. I have since taken up Karate now, and have now been training for about 2 1/2 years now, and I still find every class I do very challenging. I am still enjoying myself at both the fitness and karate class’s. It’s such a friendly club, that it feels like it’s my second family home. Big thank you to all the coaches, keep up the good work.

Mark Brady

All the staff at Shin Gi Tai are amazing, keen to show their skills but do it with fun and enthusiasm. They teach the kids and adults how to respect each other as well as staying safe. The martial arts taught are not just for fighting on the mats but are taught for self defence in real life too, an important skill for us to learn. Wish I had known about it when my daughter was younger but glad I have found it now.

Debbie Rennie


Experienced Coaches, everyone is friendly and respectful, loads of classes and seminars.This place is like my second home.

Its so awesome here.


Gavin Downey


Great team of people, made to feel welcome everytime. Keep up the good work 😉

Miriam Brown




Both my boys love their karate classes here. They have great fun while learning a new sport which is also building their confidence and teaching them self-defence. All the coaches make each class fun for the children while still teaching them how to behave and to show respect for others. Would (and have many times!) thoroughly recommend Shin Gi Tai.


Sharon Furness

Sadly we are no longer members at Shin Gi Tai as we emigrated last year – our time with the club though was such a fantastic experience that will stay with me and my kids for life. My children absolutely loved being part of the Shin Gi Tai club and learnt so much from such great teachers, they grew in their confidence and strength, both mentally and physically and had great fun along the way. It wasn’t long before I joined in and found that I too loved the karate teaching style – fun and informative and always something new to strive for. An amazing club with amazing staff and members.

Bec Robinson

At Shin Gi Tai there is something to learn for everyone, regardless of age/sex/skill. A great club with great teachers

Jamie Venning