How to Choose a Martial Arts Club

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Sport England provide some quick pointers for parents considering any Sports Club to consider….

Does  the Club…..? 

✔ or X

  • Currently hold, or is it working towards, the Clubmark award or equivalent governing body ‘best practice’ award
  • Have an acceptable ratio of coaches to participants
  • Provide competition within the club or against other clubs that is appropriate to you / your child’s needs and requirements
  • Invest time and training in coaches, staff and volunteers
  • Ensure the coaches are trained appropriately to support the needs of the participants
  • Ensure the venue and equipment are safe and appropriate for the age group using them
  • Have well-run management that communicates effectively with its volunteers, parents and members
  • Have a child protection / welfare officer or designated person to deal with emergencies and incidents appropriately
  • Have a good reputation within the community
  • Have a good, solid ethos that meets your own views and needs (eg on equity, competition, selection of players etc)
  • Provide the opportunity for you / your child and family to socialise with other members
  • Provide fun and enthusiastic sessions for you / the children and young people participating
  • Have participants that you / your child knows or provide a welcoming environment to new members


We hope you find the information within this document useful, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on 01256 364104.