Adult’s Martial Arts Classes

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You’re never too old or too unfit to start learning a Martial Art…

At our club anybody can learn a Martial Art

Our adult’s beginners Martial Arts classes are fun, they empower us and offer a great way to workout regardless of our shape, size, age or fitness levels. You don’t have to be in shape to start training. The training itself is designed to get you into shape, by working out with us, our coaches will help you personally to achieve your goals.

Whether you want to learn Martial Arts for self-protection, for fitness, for competition, for weight loss or simply for fun, we have an Adult’s Martial Arts Class in Basingstoke suitable for you to train in. If you are considering learning a longer range Martial Art like Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo or Kickboxing. A close-range Martial Art like Judo, Aikido, or Ju-Jitsu or a softer more relaxed Art such as Tai Chi or Taiji, then contact us to arrange  a free taster class.

Develop your skills and knowledge

If you are looking for an ‘Adult Martial Arts Class near me’ in Basingstoke for you to train in, our experienced and qualified coaches can help you to develop your skills and knowledge in a meaningful way.

Have a look at our teaching timetable

Want to get fit and tone up?

Many of us start learning a Martial Art to get fit and to lose weight. One of the major factors in this is finding a training plan that you genuinely enjoy doing and then consistently doing it. Our Basingstoke Martial Arts club’s workouts offer variety, a challenge and a sense of accomplishment when done and they’re are fun to be in. Our classes will burn calories whilst building functional fitness and muscular strength. Your metabolism will be elevated and post training, still burning those calories because of the mixture of cardio, flexibility and strength training we do during classes. All you need to do then, is to combine your exercise with a nutritious healthy diet to be on the way to a healthier fitter lifestyle.

Relieve stress

Our lives in today’s society are often busy and pressured juggling family and work. We all need an outlet for our worries and stresses and to act as a timeout for ourselves.

Martial Arts training can provide this. Just a couple of classes a week can make a significant difference to your mental health. The physical activity will give your brain a clear focus whilst practicing your skills. You will learn how to train with a mind that is free of stress, anger, fear or ego. In Japanese Martial Arts, this is known as Mushin or ‘no-mind.’

Social Circle

Connect with a group of new friends who share a common interest.

Although a Martial Arts class isn’t a ‘team’ sport, we are a supportive community where teamwork is encouraged and evident with our members who welcome new joiners into the class. You will also find that working out with a friend will help both of you to progress faster as you help one another with your training. As a family club, we know that many of the friendships that started on the mats have extended to the outside world.

What our clients think

format_quoteI train for Tai Chi. It's one of the best martial arts systems that I can think of, encompassing body posture, flexibility, power with softness, mindfulness, breathing, and a lot more besides!format_quote
David Albin

State of the art training facilities

You will have the advantages of our purposely designed and dedicated professional Martial Arts training centre with a waiting area and café.

Our training area covers an area 18m x 14m, which gives us the largest Kwoon (Name for a training facility in Chinese Martial Arts, it can also mean the place for peace and harmony) or Dojo (which means the same in Japanese Martial Arts) in Hampshire. We use specialist Martial Arts flooring to provide a safer more hygienic environment to training in.

Our Adult’s Martial Arts Classes in Basingstoke aren’t the kind of class where you’ll march up and down the hall hitting air. You will be able to take advantage of using our full range of equipment in your training. This will help to develop correct skilful techniques, speed and power regardless of whether you are working at long or close range.

Photo of men training

Our equipment includes:

  • 19 freestanding punchbags
  • 3 Hanging Bags
  • 2 grappling dummies
  • Lots of focus pads and Thai pads
  • Kick shields
  • Mitts, paddles and blockers
  • A speedball
  • A Makiwara
  • A Plyometric box
  • A 3 section wall punch bag
  • Multi skills fitness equipment to help with speed, agility and quickness (Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Powerbags, Medicine Balls)
  • Battle Ropes
  • 2 x Safety Mat
  • 3 x Ladders
  • Hurdles
  • Cones

Our experienced and qualified coaches will help you to develop your skills and knowledge.

Photo of ladies traning

Regardless of whether you are a beginner to Martial Arts or an experienced Martial Artist already, you are welcome to train with us.

Will I be able to learn a Martial Art?

Before joining us, we are often asked by potential new members “Can I learn a Martial Art.” Yes you can.

Our adult’s beginners Martial Arts classes in Basingstoke are suitable for anyone from the age of 15 years old. The classes teach a wide range of different skills which the participants are able to pragmatically apply to suit their own body rather than having to force their body to do something it’s not physically able to do. Whilst practicing effective and practical Martial Arts skills, we also learn their associated underlying principles and theory. This helps our long-term development as a Martial Artist in order to learn some of the more advanced skills.

Non physical skills that we learn

We don’t just teach you the physical skills to defend yourself, we also teach you the soft skills necessary for self-protection including how to spot potential danger, having a hunter’s mindset rather than a victims mindeset, using what’s available to you and weapons safety. Plus common-sense strategies to keep safe along with an understanding of how your voice and attitude both affect your safety. 

We also provide regular specialist ladies only self-defence courses using both male and female coaches. These provide focused, clear and concise principles for women to follow to help them to stay safe.  ‘Prevention is far better than cure’ is certainly true in for self defence. Although safety in our area is generally good, self protection in Hampshire is still important, these courses help you to learn the soft skills necessary to look after yourself. Self protection often overlooks emotional and mental self defence whereby we actively consider our own personal health and what we can do to foster it and guard it. Mindfulness is a key part of how we train this and develop our own bodies, knowledge and mind.

What Martial Arts can we teach you?

Within our School of Martial Arts, we teach KarateKung FuJudoTai Chi and Wheelchair Martial Arts including both seated Tai Chi and seated Karate. We have a dedicated Ladies only Karate class and a Ladies only Kickboxing class (Chinese Kickboxing or Kung Fu.)

We also teach a non contact high intensity fitness class called Martial Music Blast or MMB, which is a mixture of Martial Arts moves performed to great music. Our coaches are highly experienced in these Martial Arts and have been teaching in Basingstoke and further afield for many years.  Technical skills are necessary for coaches to help you get the best from your Martial Arts classes. However, all coaches have to be highly qualified as teachers of the Martial Arts. This means that they understand how to help you get the best from your training.

What are the differences between each Martial Art? Which should I learn?

We have a number of different Martial Arts that our club teaches. This means that you can choose between them or even pick multiple Martial Arts to learn or fitness classes to attend.

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Adults Martial Arts classes

Our Adults Karate/Kung Fu classes based at our full time Martial Arts club in Basingstoke are suitable for beginners to learn the principles of standing Martial Arts, such as Kickboxing, Karate, Taekwondo and Kung Fu and for the more experienced practitioner to learn and add new depth to their skills and knowledge base.

We look at the traditionally taught skills of disciplines like Karate and Kung Fu, where sweeps and throws are taught, along with close quarter self defence work as well as the more well known kicking, punching and blocking skills. Our training incorporates a number of different stances, blocks, kicks and strikes. We train these using our wide selection of focus pads and bags along with partnerwork for self defence practice. The last part of Karate is working on Kata and in Kung Fu on Forms which are formal sets of moves designed to teach you principles and skills.

Traditional skills taught in a modern way supported by sports science

Tai Chi Chuan classes

Are you looking for a low impact, gentle naturally flowing exercise? Tai Chi provides this and much more. Come and try our Basingstoke Tai Chi Classes and learn this graceful art. Tai Chi is a form of exercise and moving mediation that has been practiced for centuries in China for its holistic health benefits. As a soft internal Chinese Art, it is suitable for all ages and abilities.

The soft gentle movements help with muscle relaxation and combined with flowing movements assist in combating the anxieties and stresses of modern life. We regularly run beginners’ courses to help Hampshire residents to learn this fascinating art that can provide a complete system of physical and mental health through a combination of movement, mindfulness and meditation.

Tai Chi is well known as a slow, gentle exercise practised for health, well-being and relaxation by many people in the Far East and worldwide. Our Basingstoke Taichi Classes enable you to learn Tai Chi for health and to help alleviate and manage chronic medical conditions.

Ladies only Kickboxing class

Our Ladies only Kickboxing class in Basingstoke is designed to help you to get you fit and teach you practical self-defence and kickboxing skills. This class is suitable for beginners to learn Kickboxing.

This class is the one for you if you want to improve your strength, improve your flexibility and speed. All with a group of friendly, supportive women.

Hitting our pads and bags will help to burn lots of calories, having a great time with friends, feeling good when you push through the challenges to meet your goals.

Wheelchair Martial Arts class

Many people assume, incorrectly, that because they use a wheelchair or have difficulty standing that they can’t practice a Martial Arts. All of our Martial Arts classes are fully inclusive regardless of disability. Everyone can learn a Martial Arts with the right coaches able to adapt the art to the individual, our coaches have been doing this for 30+ years.

We have a full syllabus for Wheelchair Tai Chi and also Wheelchair Karate and Kung Fu which includes self defence as we do for all of our Martial Arts classes. In our Para Kung Fu and Para Karate class you will learn to block, strike and evade, you can hit pads and bags. In Para Tai Chi, you will learn the flowing soft techniques and forms.

Some members prefer to train in a specialist wheelchair only class, we provide physical classes at our centre in Basingstoke and online classes for those people too far away to physically visit. Whilst others train in the adult’s Martial Arts classes.

We provide Wheelchair Karate and Wheelchair Martial Arts classes along with our Martial Music Blast which is a fitness class designed, not adapted with a seated and a standing version. We also run additional seated fitness classes such as seated circuits and a seated Tabata to help you get fitter.

Adults Judo Class

Judo is an Olympic sport and includes techniques to lift and throw your opponent onto their back and then hold them down. They do learn how to safely breakfall first though. Judo can seem quite rough, but like all Martial Arts, if practiced properly the risk of injury is minimised. We cater for younger players in their late teens or early 20s through to practitioners who are much older than that, going into their 50s. Clearly, at different ages, there can be a big disparity in terms of what a player is capable of doing, we are aware of this and can help you to maximise your training time by ensuring the techniques that you do are optimal for your age and body.

You can expect to work with a partner during the class to learn and practice techniques under the watchful guidance of our fully qualified coaches. It will be hardwork, you will get fitter, you will learn a host of useful skills and improve your coordination and you’ll even have fun doing it.

Ladies Only Karate Class

Our Ladies only Karate class in Basingstoke will to help you to learn self defence skills, whilst getting fitter, stronger, more flexible and healthier. Your Karate training as a beginner will include the fundamental Karate moves dealing with using blocks, strikes, punches and kicks to defend yourself. You can use our bags and pads to test your skills and work with a partner to gain self-protection knowledge here at our Hampshire self defence school.

You’ll make new friends and can enjoy the social scene within the club. Not only will we support your learning in the club, we also have a private ladies only members Facebook group to provide you with additional support and help.

Our female coaching team includes National, European and World Champions with nationally recognised coaching qualifications, who as senior Black Belts will help you on your journey from White Belt to Black Belt and help you to get the most from your training at females Martial Arts classes here in Basingstoke.

Martial Music Blast (MMB)

How fit do you want to get? This is a great fitness class for beginners and it’s one of the most fun workouts you can do. Come to the Martial Arts professionals and take part in MMB. If you’relooking to improve your fitness then you’ll love the fun, the energy and the enthusiasm in this class. Get fit with a great bunch of people.

This program is inspired by Martial Arts and draws from a wide array of Martial Arts disciplines. Supported by inspiring music and instructors who choreograph each routine, you will strike, punch, kick and stretch your way through calories to superior cardio fitness.

MMB is a non-combat, non-contact martial arts-based fitness program with moves drawn from many different Martial disciplines, you will also find elements of other arts such as Yoga within some of the tracks.

Each MMB class is designed so that everyone can fully take part in the class either standing or sitting and get a great workout, high or low impact it’s up to you, you choose your own workout zone. It’s achievable for all and will make you feel good about the most important person in your world –you!

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