Martial Arts Classes for 6-9 year olds

Photo of 6 - 9 year old martial artists

Good quality exercise to keep them fit and healthy.

Our children today, spend increasing amounts of time sat down using electronic devices of one sort of another. The ramifications of these, are that they are not getting enough regular good quality exercise to keep them fit and healthy.

Our children’s Karate classes will help them to develop good habits around physical exercise to help them develop into healthy teens as they go through puberty. Our drills, activities and ‘games’ have been developed to disguise physical repetition, meaning that the kids are having fun, learning Martial Arts and Karate whilst helping their minds and bodies to keep active and healthy. Perhaps more importantly for us as parents, it wears the children out.

Self defence is an important skill that we practice, learning how to avoid of danger or threats without having to rely on physical skills, although they do have those skills to fall back on, if absolutely necessary. We also educate them on self protection online, with social media and online gaming along with the use of technology. Training with us, children will learn how to deal with the issue of playground bullying and the school’s expectations concerning this.

At this age, it is a good idea to sample many different activities and sports to aid the all-round athletic development of the child. We work together with the children to develop their athletic performance and it’s not unusual to see us practicing Gymnastics skills, Yoga Asanas or athletic skills to help to build a broad base of fundamental skills in kickboxing, close range sparring, throwing and groundwork. This is using skills learnt from Karate, Kung Fu, Chinese Kickboxing and Judo. These Martial Arts have been carefully chosen to provide a strong foundation in the skills necessary to develop as a good Martial Artist and setting them on the path to becoming a Black Belt and beyond that with additional skills and knowledge to become a junior coach.

Our Children's Martial Arts classes are split by age

Our Children’s Martial Arts classes in Basingstoke are split by age. Rising Heroes’ class is for 4-6 year olds.

Our Young Legends class is for 6-9 year olds.

The Urban Warriors class is for 10-13 year olds.

Our Cadets class is for 14-17 year olds.

We have Children's Kickboxing for 11-16 year olds 

Children's Boxing for 7 - 14 year olds.

Photo of young martial artist

Becoming a Martial Artist

Learning to be a good Martial Artists is about far more than just turning up to your classes each week. It’s about developing and learning to have a ‘black belt attitude’, even from your very first lesson.

Developing mental attributes that will help you to succeed in sport, academically and at work is all part and parcel of being a great exponent of the Martial Arts.

Photo of two young martial artists

In our Young Legends children’s Karate classes, we have a number of key themes that we explore and discuss together including:

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The ability to focus on the task in hand, helps us to finish that task in a timely and effective manner. Your child will learn to deal with external and internal distractions in their training and to be able to focus and remain calm under pressure. In Japanese Martial Arts, this is termed ‘Zanshin’ or a state of relaxed alertness.


Finding the emotional or moral courage to try something different or persevere to withstand fear, danger or difficulty is hard for all of us. Having courage is more than facing a physical danger, a black belt needs to learn more than this. Intellectual courage where we expand our horizons, emotional courage where we follow our feelings or heart, social courage to be true to ourselves through adversity and moral courage where we stand up for what it right.


Intensity comes into the Martial Arts in many places, the correct level of concentration, the mental focus necessary to perform a Kata or Form, the intensity of the techniques performed with explosive speed.


To reach the exalted levels of being a senior Black Belt comes from persistence, patience and single minded determination to succeed. It’s not an easy journey, it’s challenging mentally and physically, however it does develop a robust mental attitude of ‘never give up.’


Being able to change, modify or compromise is the sign of a good leader, Martial Arts develops the ability to do this under pressure from a young age. Physically, a healthy flexible body will help to ensure long term health and reduce muscle and joint injuries during physical activities.


Learning how to make fast and accurate decisions in a difficult situation can prove beneficial in many areas of life. Fast skilful techniques can help to win a match during a competition, so drills are rehearsed to develop speed and to develop high quality techniques.


The ability to rapidly change direction either physically or mentally is a great aid in today’s fast-moving world. The children training in children’s Karate classes with us learn how to move quickly with grace and efficient movements both by themselves and whilst working with a partner.


Through practice technical skills and ability are first developed and then honed. Understanding the biomechanics behind the techniques learnt, serves to promote high performance and helps to reduce risk of injury in any sport.


The Children’s Martial Arts that we excel in (Judo, Kickboxing, Kids Karate classes and Kung Fu) will teach your child different ways to physically develop their body whilst learning new skills in each of these areas that stretch and develop their mind as well.

We work with our 6 to 9 year old Young Legends to help them with anti bullying and self protection skills both physical and emotional. In every class we work with them to foster good manners, correct etiquette, team working and a strong work ethic with the premise that their hard work will achieve good results for them.

Make the right choice for your child. Get them involved in a sport which will keep them active and safe for life.

What our clients think

format_quoteFabulous teachers who are amazingly skilled in their own right but also engage and capture every single child’s attention in the class which is a skill in itself. Highly recommendformat_quote
Siri Roake

What does the future hold?

Our goal for all our Young Legend Karate classes is to help our members to develop their interpersonal and physical skills over their time in this programme. When the children are ready to move up to our 10 to 14 years age group, this offers a range of additional exciting opportunities for them.

Black belt

Most of the people moving up to the advanced classes are well on their way to earning their Black Belt. This is a culmination of many years of dedicated and focussed training plus disciplined consistent effort from our members. The advanced classes will add those final touches for them to gain this coveted award.


If your child would like to test their skills in a competitive environment, to win medals and perhaps win national and international recognition for their skills, we can help them with that dream.
We have a thriving competition squad that competes in Judo, Kung Fu and Karate championships. We hold additional weekly training sessions focussed solely on competitions, learning the rules and tactics of the sport.

Demo team

Our demo team practices a wide range of non-syllabus skills to use at internal and external events. We work with weapons such as Jos (4th staffs), Fans and Nunchaku these help our demo team members to learn skills that will complement their ‘empty hands’ knowledge. We work with gymnastic type movements to add another layer starting with simpler skills such as handstands and cartwheels before moving onto other flips and tricks. The demo team are able to pick tracks of music and choreograph sets of moves to the track.


We have a dedicated junior coaching programme here Urban Warriors are taught how to coach others in some detail. They act as great role models for the younger children and as a club we help to grow the next generation of coaches. Our coaching programme STORM team (Special team of Role Models) culminates in a formal Sport England recognised coaching qualification.

Photo of young martial artist bowing
Photo of two young martial artists

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