Calendar of Events 2024

Photo of events

This is the 2024 calendar of events for Shin Gi Tai Martial Arts Academy.

Please note that these dates may be subject to change and there will be additions to the calendar. Details of each event to be announced prior to that activity.


 28th – Very Involved Parents course


15th – 1/2 term Nunchaku course for children

17th – Reserved for Birthday Parties


9th – Fan course

16th and 17th – Grading weekend

29th March to 1st April – Easter Closure


7th – Reserved for Birthday Parties

8th to 12th – Easter Activities Camp

28th – Jo / Staff Course


6th – Bank Holiday closure

7th – 9th – (Tentative) Aikido Self Defence course with Joe Tambu Shihan

17th – Reserved for Birthday Parties

27th – Bank Holiday closure


9th – Boxing and Muay Thai Seminar

22nd and 23rd – Grading Weekend


6th – Reserved for Birthday Parties

13th – 26th –  Shikon Tai Chi and Aikido training course in Jizerka

29th and 20th – Aikido Summer Course in Nottingham


5th – Reserved for Birthday Parties

5th – 9th – Summer Activities Camp

17th – 30th Summer Closure


 8th – BCCMA Level 2 coach qualification course

15th – Don’t Bully Me! (Anti Bullying and Self defence course)

21st and 22nd– Grading Weekend

27th Tentative course with Robert Mustard Shihan

28th and 29th International Aikido Seminar with Robert Mustard Shihan


6th – Chinese Broadsword course

14th – Reserve for Birthday parties

15th – Chinese Weapons – Spear course


2nd – Reserved for Birthday Parties

9th – Complimentary Ladies only Self Defence Course

29th and 30th Christmas Sale


7th and 8th  – Black Belt grading weekend

14th and 15th – Christmas Parties

23rd Dec – 5th January Christmas Closure