Children's Martial Arts Class

Children's Martial Arts in Basingstoke

In our Martial Arts Academy, children not only learn self defence and self protection skills. Through their practice of Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Karate and Judo in Basingstoke, they learn much more from us. With our highly trained coaches and staff, we are the specialists in teaching children’s Martial Arts classes in Basingstoke and Deane.

Martial Arts training for Kids with us is different, its fun, its exciting and as a life skill is invaluable teaching focus and discipline in all areas of life along with some very useful physical skills.

Children’s Development

Our children’s Martial Arts classes are split by age and ability group. Unlike many clubs this gives us the opportunity to focus on the specific needs of that age group. Our view, informed by academic and scientific studies along our coaching experience is that you wouldn’t mix children in a school environment. A 5 year old and a 13 year old learn at a different pace and learn disparate things because of their stage of maturation. The same is true of learning any Martial Art. This includes the main ones that we teach to kids, which are Karate, Judo, Kung Fu and Kickboxing.

The distinct advantage to this, is that when you have an age specific curriculum, the children learn faster and progress more confidently. Like school, they move into different classes as they get older and become more knowledgeable and physically aware and capable. At each stage we increase the complexity of what they do in order to improve their skill levels still further and to help them retain and develop new knowledge and new skills.

Activities for Kids in our Karate club include self defence and anti bullying skills

It has been proven that by structuring their Martial-Arts training this way, the benefits and rate of progression are significantly improved. Children not only learn more rapidly but also better retain the information and therefore increase their skills faster.  Additionally they also develop a much better understanding of the life skills developed through learning a martial art. For example; respect, healthy living, confidence, discipline, personal safety and decision making.


Martial Arts classes are split by age

Our Children’s Martial Arts classes in Basingstoke are split by age. Rising Heroes’ class is for 4-6 year oldsOur Young Legends class is for 6-9 year olds. The Urban Warriors class is for 10-14 year olds. Our Children’s Judo class caters for children over the age of 6 years old. Of course we have a range of separate adult Martial Arts classes as well

Recognise and celebrating success in Martial Arts training.

 There are many systems in place within the Academy to recognise effort and achievement within our students. This includes trophies, stickers, badges and special weekly, monthly and annual awards. All achievements in our students are recognised, not only those who are physically talented but also for those who have shown progress in other areas. For example: being polite, hard working, thoughtful towards others, show good attendance or who have worked well in a team.  We also recognise and encourage achievement outside of the Martial-Arts, e.g. at school, cubs, swimming, gymnastics or at home. When a child can demonstrate external success we celebrate this by awarding them with a Gold star to put onto their uniform.

Karate classes for kids in Basingstoke - 6-9 year old children   Karate Kid from Basingstoke class wins awards

Earning new belts

Students are also able to take part in regular examinations within the Academy in Basingstoke or at our satellite schools.  Allowing them to earn their next belt, all the way to Black Belt in a transparent and fair way. Our senior grading examiners have been qualified to conduct Black Belt gradings since 1995. During this time they have carried out many successful gradings in diverse Martial Arts such as Karate, Kickboxing and Kung Fu. Our Judo Black Belt gradings are held under the auspices of a British Judo Association Senior Examiner.

What do we actually do in a Karate, Judo or Kung Fu class?

Classes are structured so that we train safely. All classes include a warm up, flexibility, strength and conditioning exercises as well as a cool down at the end. Our use of methods derived from sports science ensures that we make full use of proven, leading methods of coaching and training. Consequently this ensures that all members can achieve their very best from their own personal Martial Arts training. This takes into account physical differences, rates of maturation, psychology, biomechanics, physiology, nutrition and strength and conditioning. 

The format for each class changes slightly on a weekly basis as we progress through our curriculum, this helps to ensure that we cover all the necessary areas to help the children to further develop their skills and knowledge. Our classes are structured to encourage a ‘can do’ confident attitude in all the children we teach. It is our job as educators to work with parents to make sure your children are successful, not just in the Academy, but in life in general.

In our view all Children’s activities should teach both the physical skills and personal development. We achieve this by showing children that hard work means achievement and achievement means success. 

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