Self Protection, Self Defence & Anti Bullying

Self Protection, Self Defence and Anti Bullying

The Core Concepts

Self Defence, anti bullying, obesity and mental health are core concepts that we study for self protection.

Within our Basingstoke school of Martial Arts, we strongly believe that self protection is holistic Within these topics we cover non physical, attitudinal and physical techniques around these areas.

There is a widely held misconception that self defence is all about being able to physically beat your opponent after they attack you first. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Being physical is the last resort, ever.

The goal of self protection is not to put yourself in a situation where you may have to fight to defend yourself. In broad terms:

  1. Don’t go to places where you might get attacked
  2. If someone if verbally attacking you, then ignore them, be self controlled and stay calm and try to talk your way out of trouble
  3. If someone wants to take your possessions, let them, they can always be replaced
  4. Do anything you can to avoid fighting, as long as it is safe for you to do so

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Being sensible is good self protection

Considering and acting on the following points isn’t paranoia, it’s being sensible. Are you aware of your surroundings and the risks, the people nearby, the danger and safe zones? Do you really understand your danger zone or boundaries and how close is too close? When should you start mentally ‘ramping up a gear?’ Assess the situation rapidly. Practice your verbal self defence skills to make them good enough and command, shout and direct any aggressor, be in control. Avoid those places that carry the most risk. Don’t get so drunk that you lose control, you stand much more chance of being attacked if you are. Learn to read the signs of violence (including deceit and aggression) in others and how to both defuse them and overcome them. Use that fear/nervousness within you. We all get adrenaline dumps when something unexpected happens. Learn to control it and make it your friend, so that if serves you wisely. If and when you decide to take action, do it with full intent and don’t hesitate. If you need to become a screaming berserker to overcome an aggressor, do it. Shout, scream, fight as if your life depends upon it, you never know, it might. Prevention is always better than cure, but still learn and practice a handful of regular physical protection skills to unleash against common attacks, if it becomes really necessary.

The Law and Self Defence

Section 3(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967 states:

  • A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of a crime, or effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders or suspected offenders or of persons unlawfully at large.

Note: Therefore force used must be reasonable and for it to be as such it must be both necessary and proportionate to the threat as perceived by the ‘defender’ at the time. Sadly the definition isn’t currently fully clear, so is open to interpretation. We may use ‘Reasonable Force’:

  • In the defence of oneself.
  • or in the defence of a third party or.
  • For the prevention of the theft of our property or.
  • In the prevention of someone unlawfully trying to enter our property or.
  • Preventing of damage/vandalism to our property or.
  • In the lawful arrest of offenders/suspected offenders/persons.

The other aspect to bear in mind for children in Education when self protection is necessary. Because both the attacker and the person being attacked will get into trouble for ‘fighting’ regardless of whose fault it was. Parents and Children need to agree some ground rules on what the correct approach to situations of violence are and how to follow this through with school staff if necessary.

The Law and Self Defence

Useful Links

The links below, give advice on the following topics, you are welcome to get in touch with us on 01256 364 104, if you have some specific concerns about your self protection:

  • Bullying
  • Knives and Edged weapons
  • Stranger Danger
  • Pre-emptive strikes
  • Nutrition
  • Self Defence and the prevention of crime
  • NHS Eatwell Guide
  • Obesity statistics
  • Medical impact of Obesity
  • How to exercise to lose weight and prevent obesity

Key points to remember for your personal protection

  1. Avoid secluded and poorly illuminated areas at night.
  2. Constantly survey your surroundings (360 observations).
  3. Never take short cuts and refrain from areas that have ‘choke points’.
  4. Limit the amount of wealth you ‘display’ on your person (expensive jewellery and phones etc.).
  5. Always keep your mobile phone & spare coins in a pocket (including a specific emergency number).
  6. When using your mobile phone in public always ‘try’ to utilise your hands-free set.
  7. Do not use player music with headphones at night whilst walking, running or cycling.
  8. Never walk with your hands in your pockets.
  9. Wear suitable attire (footwear and clothes) & always be vigilant to those around you.
  10. Ideally safety in numbers at all times and always inform someone where it is you are going!
  11. Proactively manage your health to stay healthy.
  12. Obesity is life limiting, try and understand the causes and seek help if necessary.

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