Martial Arts Classes for 4-6 year olds

4 – 6 years old Martial Arts Classes

Children’s Development

If your child is between 4 and 6 years old they will have developed their own amazing personality already and are making great progress in developing their physical co-ordination and spatial awareness. They are now becoming more confident of their own abilities and have developed physical and social skills.

Our after school club in Basingstoke will help them to explore their physical literacy and can really help them to blossom, whilst they new skills, both physical and emotional.

In each class, we work on a specific theme with the children to help them to enhance their physical attributes, social and life skills. We have specific topics that we learn together and help them understand in a context that they will appreciate and enjoy.

No matter what sport or activity your child does in the future, the eight skills outlined below will help them to succeed. Just watch any children’s games or activities and the ones who have mastered these skills are the ones that shine and stand out.

Because we split our Martial Arts classes for children by age and also experience, your child will train with other children of their own age group, and not have to be limited or overwhelmed by younger or older children. Each class will accommodate every student’s skills and abilities in a way that is not overly demanding or intimidating. That means more age-specific instruction with better results. This programme is very much focussed on early years and reception years education and moving up to key stage 1 (KS1)

Our Children's Martial Arts classes are split by age

Our Children’s Martial Arts classes in Basingstoke are split by age. Rising Heroes’ class is for 4-6 year olds.

Our Young Legends class is for 6-9 year olds.

The Urban Warriors class is for 10-13 year olds.

Our Cadets class is for 14-17 year olds.

We have Children's Kickboxing for 11-16 year olds 

Children's Boxing for 7 - 14 year olds.

If your child needs to improve in the following areas, this programme is ideal.

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By teaching children how to sit and stand quietly for periods of time, whilst listening to instruction or playing a game, they learn how and when to focus their energy. Focus isn’t just about ‘quietening energies down’ it’s also about teaching your child how to increase their attention, energies and efforts to achieve positive results.


Imagine having a four-year-old that can sit and meditate in silence, who knows how to breathe to calm themselves down after boisterous play and to relieve anxious thoughts. We ‘play games’ to teach them how to control not only their physical movement but also their emotions. To have the self-control to think before they act and to look after both themselves and others with kindness.


For all of us, in life, being able to be part of a team is vital for success. At this age, we work with the children to develop their social skills. The ability to take turns, to share things, to consider the feelings of others and to be helpful at home.


We all know that today’s children are ‘gamers’ which can cause long term health issues into adulthood. Our children will learn the fundamental building blocks of Martial Arts techniques in each class, which will help to increase their fitness levels. Additionally, we hide age appropriate fitness exercises in amongst high energy, fun to play games. Play helps to nurture a love of exercise and the sense of well-being as a result. This promotes both physical and mental good health.


Most children in reception and Year 1 (Key Stage 1) are learning to build their fundamental movement skills; throwing, catching, hopping, crawling, running, skipping and kicking. These skills will determine how successful they will be in participating in all sports and physical activities. Our classes will help them to build these skills, developing sports skills for life.


Balance is important not only in physical sports, but also in daily life, things like riding a bike or walking on a garden wall or next to a river. The postures children practice as part of their Martial Arts training will help to improve their overall balance both in static positions and in movement. However, we don’t take chances, we also teach them how to safely fall in different directions without injuring themselves, a great life skill for the school playground.


From an early age, so much of a child’s education is based upon remembering different information. Learning through play is again the medium to do this. Putting together sequences of movements, numbers or words can really help to your child to improve their cognitive skills.


This is perhaps the most widely known ‘skill’ in all successful people, from business to academia and sports. Children learn the value of their own hardwork and effort along with the success this brings. We count the use of good manners to be a good discipline to instil early in life and reinforce the work that you do as parents.

In each class, children earn rewards by being able to demonstrate these core skills and capabilities.

What our clients think

format_quoteMy son is absolutely thriving at karate! Loves it and so much fun and can use all his strengths ... thanks Shin Gi Tai team!format_quote
Libby Bailey
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The Focus of our Martial Arts

The emphasis is less on having 100% technically correct movements, rather on getting the techniques generally right and having fun. At this age children are still developing physical co-ordination and spatial awareness, so fine-tuning is impractical.

The children in this after school club programme do not do any sparring with each other, but occasionally do get to practice with the coaches. We do have a wide range of age appropriate equipment that is regularly used in classes. When the children move to our Martial Arts classes for the 6 to 9 year olds, then they are taught to safely spar.

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