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Chinese Kickboxing and self defence skills

Our Ladies only Kickboxing class in Basingstoke was created to help you to get fitter and teach you Chinese Kickboxing and self defence skills. This class is suitable for beginners wanting to learn a Martial Art in a female only environment.

Want to get fit and tone up? This class is the one for you if you want to improve your strength, speed and your flexibility. All with a great group of women who will be there to support and encourage your Kickboxing.

Kicking and punching our bags and pads will help to burn loads of calories, having a good time with friends, feeling great when you push through those challenges meeting your goals. The classes won’t become dull or boring or even routine because as you improve your skills, knowledge and fitness levels, we will have more for you to learn, keeping you challenged and inspired for years to come.

Why should you take part in a women only Kickboxing class?

Women learning Kickboxing often start wanting to tone up, feel fitter and feel safer. This class will help you to do that meet your goals. It will also help you to build strength, speed and improve your flexibility. You’ll be burning lots of calories, hitting bags and pads plus working with a partner to working on sparring drills and generally having a great time with friends and learning new things.

Teaching you new skills, our female coaches, provide high quality tuition backed by many years of Martial Arts training, competition successes and high level coaching qualifications, are all on hand during the classes to support all the ladies attending.

Can I do Kickboxing?

The thing that the attendees at our Ladies only Kickboxing classes have in common, is that they are all different; different ages, different shapes, different fitness levels and are of different abilities.
In a nutshell, our women only Kickboxing class can be taken by anyone. You don’t have to be fit to start training. But you will get fit training with us, we guarantee that.
Our members come for the fitness, to learn self protection skills, to learn a new hobby along with a myriad of other reasons. The results we can achieve together, with a like minded group of women supporting one another and forming friendships encourage one another to great heights.

The benefits of Kickboxing

In today’s world we have so many gadgets and technology items that are designed to make our life easier, which is great. The downside is that we are becoming much more inactive, sitting down at computers, remaining motionless for long periods of time, shopping online, using Apps to switch on electronics devices and get food directly delivered to our front doors.

In order to maintain physical and mental fitness, we have to keep our bodies moving and our minds stimulated.

  • Get a full body workout (cardio and strength and conditioning)
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Tone all your muscles
  • Increase your heart rate
  • Improve your motor skill and coordination
  • Improve your balance
  • Stretch your mind
  • Enjoy some time away from your day to day hassles and stressors
Photo of ladies only kickboxing class

What can you expect in one of our Women’s Kickboxing classes?

Our female only classes start with a warm up to great music from our Martial Music Blast (MMB) classes and are great for fitness and a really energising way to start the class, full of fun and a great feel good factor.

This video is from one of our separate MMB classes and shows the energy and the excitement in the class.

Drawing our Kickboxing techniques from Chinese Kung Fu, we include a wide range of skills and techniques for our ladies to learn.

  • Standing techniques including striking and kicking on bags and pads
  • Close range self defence techniques
  • Defending yourself on the ground
  • Self protection against weapons
  • Fitness

The key principles that we work towards is that moves must be personalised for you as an individual. Physically, we are all very different. This means that with different physiology, we must accept that the techniques will not look the same as other people.

Photo of lady kickboxing
In this short video opposite, you can some of the ladies in our classes using pads to practice their Kick Boxing skills.

What our clients think

format_quoteI'm absolutely loving my ladies kick boxing sessions! Last night was one of my favourites! Practicing speed while using the correct punching techniques that we've been taught in previous weeks.format_quote
Lacey Stevens


Your fitness levels, strength and conditioning will all improve training in our Ladies only Kickboxing class. We use many different methods of fitness training from our qualified coaches, the video shows just one example.

We need a combination of Aerobic fitness and strength exercises. Aerobic fitness includes walking, running, riding a bike, mowing the lawn and Martial Arts practice especially Martial Music Blast. Strength and Conditioning exercises include working with weights, including body weight exercises, using resistance bands and gardening. Some activities such as Martial Arts with our Ladies only Kickboxing class in Basingstoke can combine both forms of exercises to increase and maintain levels of fitness.

Maintaining a level of fitness is important as we increase in age. Women are more susceptible to Osteoporosis, the effects of which can be diminished by bodyweight bearing exercises such as those used in Kickboxing.

The NHS recommends a number of areas to help prevent Osteoporosis including:

  1. At least 2 hours 30 minutes of cardio activity per week.
  2. and on two days per week muscle strengthening exercises.
  3. They also suggest quitting smoking and reducing Alcohol intake.

Take a look at a video on our Instagram page

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Photo of two young martial artists

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