Kid's Martial Arts

Our teenagers classes are treated as young adults they take responsibility for their own development and practice with guidance from our training Martial Arts coaches.

At our Academy, in our children Martial Arts classes, kids not only learn self-defence and Martial Arts skills, they learn much more from us.

Self confidence, focus, determination, self reliance and can-do attitude which gives imbues a feeling of self discipline and control. This is combined with an approach for a life-long healthy lifestyle. 

Above all, age specific Martial Arts classes are different, they’re fun, exciting and as a life skill are invaluable. Learning at a pace that is optimised for the child, the learning experience is outstanding.

Adult Martial Arts

Martial Arts class for Adults near me in Basingstoke

Regardless of whether you want to learn Martial Arts for self protection, for fitness, for competition, for weight loss or simply for fun, we have an Adults Martial Arts  class suitable for you. 

As a result, training with a group of like minded adults will help you to rapidly develop new skills, new fitness and greater confidence.

Beginners are always welcome within our club, as we work in a collaborative way, so that we train to develop our techniques and skills on our journey in traditional Chinese Martial Arts or traditional Japanese Martial Arts.

Adults Karate class in Basingstoke

About Our Academy

Our aim is to transform lives and help you and your family lead a health, safe and happy lifestyle. Consequently attending martial arts class and learning an art like Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Judo or Tai Chi is a tireless, never-ending journey and should empower you to take control of your life both inside and outside of the training hall.

Being a Martial Artist, a student of the arts, is about far more than kicking and punching. It’s a way of life and can give you confidence, discipline and life skills.

Your training with us will help you to experience the many positive results of Martial-Arts training. Therefore consistent training will help you to become fitter, more flexible, relaxed and healthy. As a result, you will feel more confident and assertive and better able to cope with the stresses of our busy modern day life. If you’re looking for ‘Martial Arts near me’ in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas, come and give us a try.

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Some of our bags and pads that we use for our Karate, Kickboxing and Kung Fu classes in Basingstoke