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Photo of adults kung fu class

Learn from our experienced and qualified Kung Fu teachers

Our Basingstoke Kung Fu class, teaches the Shi Kon Kung Fu system, as recognised by the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts, which is Sport England’s National Governing Body for Chinese Martial Arts in the UK. You can be confident with our experienced and qualified Kung Fu teachers that you will learn.

Kung Fu for Fitness

Most people that start a Kung Fu class (sometimes known as Gong Fu or Wushu) to train want to be fit and healthy and be able to look after themselves; Our Kung Fu training fulfils those needs with a fully integrated holistic training systems that caters for beginners in Kung Fu right through to the 6th and 7th Level Black Belt 30+ year practitioner.

We have a dedicated Ladies only Chinese Kickboxing class:
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Our Kung Fu School

A large part of what we do in our Kung Fu school is partner work, which helps you to learn, test and refine the skills and knowledge that work for you as an individual. We work with you so that you understand the detail behind how to do the techniques, this ensures that you understand the technical aspects as they relate to your level of skill and experience.

Our adult Kung Fu system is specifically designed to meet the training needs of the modern busy adult. Students can develop their fitness, lose weight and learn to defend themselves in a way that is both challenging and rewarding.

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What do we learn in Kung Fu training?

Our progressive curriculum includes:

Kickboxing, close quarter combat, power striking, grappling, pushing hands, locks, throws and groundwork before then moving on to the traditional deeper levels of Kung Fu training in the softer elements of Kung Fu that are found in Tai Chi.

Our system of Kung Fu teaches a broad range of skills suitable for fitness, health and self protection.

Long Range Kung Fu

This range is where kicking is practiced and extreme arm range. We learn a range of different kicks in our Kung Fu including Front Kicks, Roundhouse Kick, Side Kicks, Back Kicks and Spinning Kicks. For the more advanced Adult Kung Fu lessons, we also looking at jumping or flying kicks.

Medium Range Kung Fu

Medium range is where the majority of hand techniques and strikes are used in our Basingstoke Kung Fu classes. These techniques include Jabs, Cross, Hooks, Uppercuts, Overhand punches, Corkscrew punches and open hand techniques like Spear Hand, Ridge hand and Knife hand. Short range, low kicks are also practiced at this distance.

Close Range Kung Fu or Grappling Range

At this distance you are in a nose to nose situation and we study throws, takedowns and close quarter elbows and knees.


To be capable of all round self defence you need to be competent at defending yourself on the floor and our Adult’s Kung Fu club will train you to do that.

Photo of adults kung fu class
photo of two adults practicing kung fu kicks

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Don’t be put off trying a class by your current fitness level, age or experience. The classes are open to all and are very welcoming to new members near to Basingstoke wanting to learn Kung Fu.

Don’t let your fears stand in the way of your dreams.

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format_quoteIt’s an amazing place. Great coaches and the kids have loads of fun whilst learning. Also the Martial Music Blast is well worth a go if you like a funky workout to great music whilst practicing your karate moves.format_quote
Kath Baron

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