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Shin Gi Tai has a great record in competitions across several different disciplines. Competition is one of the areas in our training that members can take part in. It isn’t compulsory, but it can offer some real benefits and a chance to compete at the highest levels.

Karate Competition squad

Our Karate squad is very successful with many members of the squad competing for England at international level in The World Union of Karate-Do Federations European and World Championships. Members have won several Gold medals at both European and World level.

We provide regular opportunities for members to learn and practice their competition skills in both Karate (sparring) Kumite and (forms) Kata. Our coaches are past World, European and National champions in these disciplines, so have the skills and knowledge and more importantly the ability to pass that information onto you. So, if you are interested in competing, we can help.

Since we started our squad in 2011, we’ve have won many regional, national and International competitions including at the English Open Karate Championships, The Shikon International Open, The British Karate Open. The Berlin Open and Welsh Open National Championships, The English Karate Council National Championships, The European Karate Championships and the World Karate Championships. Within the club we number European and World Champions as part of our squad.


As members of the British Judo Association and Hampshire Judo, we have access to regional, national and international events. Judo is one of the world’s most widely practiced Olympic and Paralympics sports and more than demonstrates the skill behind throws (tachi-waza) and exciting ground fighting techniques (ne-waza) as the competitors prove the depth of their conditioning.

The sport is an ideal form of physical exercise for all ages, males and females, and in Britain boasts a flourishing roster of visually impaired (VI) and adaptive or special needs Judo players

Kung Fu

We are members of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts and are able to offer members the chance to become part of the Shi Kon national Kung Fu squad with the option to take part in Semi Contact competitions, Full Contact events, Chinese Wrestling or Push hands both nationally and internationally.

The Qingda and Sanda competitions are exciting both to watch and to take part in. Competitions combine a mixture of standup fighting with strikes, punches and kicks alongside throws. This provides a good test of the ability of the participants to fight at all of these ranges.

Our Competition squad includes National Champions and qualified Judges and Referees. So you can be confident that you will receive good support in helping you improve your skills and to understand the rules of the match

No matter which Martial Art, you want to study, if your goal is to enter competitions, we can help you achieve that with the chance to fight internationally and to win coveted medals.

What our clients think

format_quoteThe Mayor of Basingstoke and Deane Cllr Keith Chapman said: “I am delighted that this forward thinking and proactive club won the (Hampshire County Sports Club of the Year) award against tough competition from other strong clubs across the county. It was very well deserved and is a testament to the hard work of the club and its many volunteers. The club is a credit to the borough, making a contribution not only in the area of sport but to the local community, for example running self-defence classes and anti-bullying sessions. The council has worked in partnership with the club on various sports development initiatives and great links have been established with schools and voluntary organisations. The club is very highly regarded locally.” format_quote
The Mayor of Basingstoke & Deane Cllr Keith Chapman

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