Junior Coaches and Leaders

Karate-class-Brighton-Hill-Basingstoke-Junior-Coaches-with-Kids-hitting-pads-and-bags.Shin Gi Tai is committed to developing the skills of it’s members, both adult and juniors alike.

Our Juniors leaders group is the STORM (Special Team of Role Models) team, they attend classes with both younger members and also those with less experience to show to them, what can be achieved with hard work, effort and perseverance. This means that all STORM team members must adhere to the highest standards of behaviour, performance, and attitude both within the Martial Arts and external to it.

There are four main requirements for being a STORM team member:

  1. Attendance – you must be consistent in attendance at the Academy, doing your own training at least twice per week in order to grow and helping in two other classes per week.
  2. Academically – you must develop the ability to learn and retain information so that you can pass on your knowledge to others. Your grades and results at school or college will reflect your ability to learn.
  3. Behaviour – you must set a good example for others to follow. Leading by example is the best way to lead others and be a great role model for others to look upto.
  4. Technically – you must be proficient in your knowledge and ability in your Martial Arts techniques, including all of the syllabus to your current level.

Members are invited to participate in the STORM team training programme on a provisional basis to prove to the senior coaches that they have the right skills, attitude and capability to be a good STORM team member.

One of the benefits of being a STORM member, is that you are part of a high performance group who received additional receive special monthly tuition to learn new technical and leadership skills including public speaking, building confidence, setting goals, communication skills, safe exercise, health and safety, planning, running a class and communication / learning styles.

STORM team members are also eligible to be selected for additional external courses including First Aid and Coaching courses.