Ladies only Kickboxing, Kickboxing for women

Ladies Only Kickboxing

Our Ladies only Kickboxing class in Basingstoke is designed to get you fit and teach you Kickboxing and self defence skills. This class is suitable for beginners. Want to get fit and tone up, this is going to be a great class for you. Alternatively if you have some skills, this is a good way to improve your techniques and skills.

Why take part in a ladies only Kickboxing class?

Women learning Kickboxing often start wanting to tone up, feel fitter and feel safer. This class will help you to do that meet your goals. It will also help you to build strength, speed and improve your flexibility. You’ll be burning lots of calories, hitting bags and pads, generally having  a great time with friends and learning new things.

Teaching you new skills, our female coaches including Lindsey, Mandi, Georgina and Isabel are on hand during the classes to support all the ladies attending.

The thing that the Ladies attending these classes have in common, is that they are all:- different ages, different shapes, different fitness levels and are of different abilities. In a nutshell, our women only Kickboxing class can be taken by anyone. You don’t have to be fit to start training. But you will get fit training with us, we guarantee that.

What can you expect in one of our Women’s Kickboxing classes

Our female only classes start with a warm up to great music from our Martial Music Blast (MMB) classes and are great for fitness and a really energising way to start the class, full of fun and a great feel good factor. This video is from one of our separate MMB classes and shows the energy and the excitement in the class.

Drawing our Kickboxing techniques from Chinese Kung Fu, we includes a wide range of skills and techniques for our ladies to learn.

  • Standing techniques including striking and kicking on bags and pads
  • Close range self defence techniques
  • Defending yourself on the ground
  • Self protection against weapons
  • Fitness

The key principles that we work towards is that moves must be personalised for you as an individual. Physically, we are all very different. This means that with different physiology, we must accept that the techniques will not look the same as other people.

In this short video below, you can see some of the ladies working together in class using pads to practice their Kickboxing skills.


Your fitness levels, strength and conditioning will all improve training in our Ladies only Kickboxing class. We use many different methods of fitness training from our qualified coaches, this is just one example.

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