We want the best for our members;

Learning a Martial Art in Basingstoke, which is why we provide them with; the best training facilities in Basingstoke and Deane; first class highly qualified coaches; a variety of learning methods and the best training equipment to use during classes including bags and pads; plus strength and conditioning and cardio vascular equipment. 

We make available world class instructors on a regular basis for them to train with and learn from in our professionally equipped facilities. These elite level Martial Arts coaches, teach a range of different skills to us including World Fighting Champions in Karate, International Master level Tai Chi Teachers, World class Aikido Teachers, World Kata champions in Karate, International champion in Brazilian Ju Jitsu (BJJ), National instructor in Filipino Martial Arts and National instructors in Chinese weapons. Learning a Martial Art with the calibre of these visiting instructors adds to the depth of our own international level teachers.

A selection of the bags and pads that we use for our Kickboxing, Karate and Kung Fu classes in Basingstoke
We use safety or crash mats within our classes to safely practice rolling and falling

Shin Gi Tai Martial Arts Academy teaches techniques and skills from a wide range of martial arts and formally teaches Kung Fu, Judo, Karate, Ladies only Kickboxing, Ladies only Karate and Tai Chi along with fitness classes that include Martial Music Blast, a high intensity fitness class that blends Martial Arts moves, fitness and music.

Our Facilities

You will be able to take full advantage of our purpose fitted dedicated professional Martial Arts training centre with its own café and waiting area where you can watch the classes taking place. As a Dojo (the name for a training hall in Japanese Martial Arts) or Kwoon (the name for a training hall in Chinese Martial Arts, this can also mean a place for peace and harmony)  

Training Area

Our training area is fitted with specialist Judo Tatami flooring covering an area 14m wide x 18m long. This allows our members to train much more safely on a clean cushioned floor that is designed specifically for the purpose it is being used for, rather than having to hope for the best when using village halls and the like which are hired out to many different users. Judo Tatamis are used instead of lower cost Jigsaw mats because they provide better  the highest quality of slip resistant cellular base with a polyester reinforcement and a superb laminating process which bonds it more strongly to the foam for a longer life.

The majority of martial arts are practiced in bare feet so having a clean and safe floor is essential for safe practice. We can guarantee ours always will be, something which is not so easy when using non-specialist facilities. Having our own dedicated premises allows us to offer you more classes and guarantees that we can operate to the highest levels of health and safety.

We use safety or crash mats within our classes to safely practice rolling and falling
Parents at our Martial Arts classes in Basingstoke can sit and relax whilst enjoying a snack and a hot drink, whilst their children practice their Martial Arts

Waiting Area

Our Basingstoke Martial Arts club provides an indoor waiting area with over thirty comfortable chairs to watch classes from plus tables and chairs to sit at in our cafe. 

Our café serves hot and cold drinks plus snacks, many parents take advantage of these facilities by staying to watch their children enjoying their training, whilst they relax, they can read a magazine or have a coffee and cake.

Unlike many clubs, we actively encourage parents to stay and watch what their children are doing in class and the fun that they are having. We’ve found that the kids in our Karate , Kung Fu and Judo classes also enjoy having their parents take an active interest in their sport (and even from time to time, joining in with them.)

Our Equipment

All members training in our Dojo / Kwoon with us benefit from the use of a range of outstanding equipment to enhance their training, to help them to develop both their core martial arts skills and also complimentary skills to improve their general health, fitness and general well-being.

  • 17 freestanding bags
  • 2 grappling dummies
  • Lots of children’s pads, focus pads and Thai pads.
  • Kick shields
  • Mitts, paddles and blockers
  • A speedball
  • A Makiwara
  • A Plyometric box
  • A 3 section wall punch bag
  • Multi skills fitness equipment to help with speed , agility and quickness
  • 2 x Safety Mat
  • 3 x Ladders
  • Hurdles
  • Cones

The children really enjoy using their own age specific equipment including hedgehog stones, flat rung ladders, run mats, obstacle course sets, balance beams, balance boards, fit balls and lots more to develop their skills.

Having our own dedicated professional Martial Arts Centre in Basingstoke means that we are not limited in class to using equipment that is easily transportable between venues. With the range of equipment that we are able to utilise our members can enjoy a wide range of activities and a range of equipment whilst training, all intended to enhance their skills, whilst having fun, even for the adults. All of this helps in the quest to learn a Martial Art in depth.

The equipment that we utilise is suitable for practicing Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Judo or Kung Fu, it has proven a significant investment to get our new Basingstoke Martial Arts Centre up and running, but one that all of our members enjoy and gain from. If you are interested in learning a Martial Art, you won’t find a better place in Basingstoke to learn.

Our centre is 0.5 mile east of Basingstoke Town Centre and is easy to get to, there is also plenty of free parking on site and on the surrounding roads. Click here to find out how to reach our centre. 

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