Martial Arts Instructor Requirements

At our Basingstoke Martial Arts Academy, unlike some franchises and chains of martial arts schools, we don’t use someone else’s good reputation to sell our classes. Nor do we use instructors who have only been training a short while, in some cases mere months or who aren’t properly trained or qualified as coaches. You will find that we have an excellent reputation for teaching quality Martial Arts built up over 30+ years of training, competing and coaching at very senior levels. High quality Martial Arts Coaching is our goal. What this means, is that the students who train with us benefit from this in-depth knowledge and gain a greater insight into their own practice of the Martial Arts. Our highly qualified Martial Arts coaches will help you to enjoy and learn from your experience of practising a Martial Art.

All the instructors are DBS checked every year to an enhanced level, first aid trained and properly insured. All students also are fully insured in their own right. In addition you have the assurance that we are all fully qualified as Martial Arts Instructors by The Martial Arts Standards Agency, the body that promotes excellence and quality standards in the Martial Arts.

A number of our coaches also hold supplementary Level 2 or Level 3 Coaching Qualifications from The British Council for Chinese Martial Arts, British Judo Association or Sports Coach UK’s UKCC qualification. Our senior coaches are Coach Tutors for the Martial Arts Standards Agency. Out most highly qualified coach holds a Level 7, (Masters Degree level) in Advanced Sports Coaching from Sheffield Hallam University.

The Martial Arts Standards Agency recommends that Associations / Clubs use a system of Instructor Accreditation. This would confirm that

  • All instructors are senior Dan (Black Belt) grade level instructors in the art taught.
  • All instructors carry Professional Insurance for £5 million.
  • All instructors have an enhanced Criminal Record Board check annually.
  • All instructors have a professional coaching qualification that covers health and safety, how to coach adults and children, protection of children from abuse, lesson planning  and risk management
  • All instructors are First Aid trained
  • The Centre has a ‘clear pricing policy’ with no hidden charges

As a Martial Arts Standards Agency approved Training Centre, you can be safe in the knowledge that all of our coaches are qualified to teach you and that our skills have been subject to external verification by bodies such Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, Sport Hampshire and Isle of Wight plus Sport England themselves.

In addition to being highly qualified martial artists we have also undergone formal teacher training both within and external to the martial arts. We know that being a great martial artist is not enough, it is equally important to be a great teacher and to be able to communicate effectively with students of all ages and abilities, in a way that is best for them. We know this is the case, because our students give us this feedback regularly.

We invest in the ongoing development and education of our coaches technically with regular senior coaching and coach education sessions on improving their Martial Arts / Fitness techniques and skills. Also with Sport England recommended courses such as ‘Equity in your Coaching’ and ‘Long Term Athlete Development’ in order to help them help you better. We also hold regular coaching workshops for them to better develop their coaching skills, knowledge and ability to deliver that information to all of our members