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Success at the National All Styles Competiton

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Congratulations to the members of our Basingstoke Martial Arts club who competed in the National All Styles Southern Open Championship recently. Most of the squad members are pictured to the left, they came away with 44 medals.

We had an excellent day competing against other styles of Karate along with Taekwondo, Kung Fu and Kuk Sul Do amongst others. It was good to see old friends there as well including Richard Canton’s group from the Sussex and Kent area (

The NAS events are apolitical and are open to all Martial Artists with fair refereeing and judging, they are good to go to. We took the opportunity for our Junior Squad to enter their first event and had some fantastic results and all competitors gained some great experience. Whilst the senior squad members all got to road test some next techniques or katas/forms.

Well done to Edward our most successful competitor on the day with three Gold Medals (for Junior Weapons, Points sparring and Continuous sparring.)

Looking forward to the next one.

Children's Martial Arts in Basingstoke

First time tropies for Hannah (Silver) and Ben (Bronze)


Headkick Harry with his trophies for Kata and Points sparring.


Distance against a Knife (Self Defence 101)

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Knife, Knives, Self Protection, Self Defence,So you know Karate right! 

Hey you’re safe then, all those hours, weeks, months and years of practising against a partner means you can block and take away the attackers knife. You’re invincible, you’re a superhero, you might even be a Shaolin Monk, if you’ve work hard enough.


Just like this.


Think again!

Have a look at this video, and see how fast a situation can go  bad and how many times trained law enforcement professionals can get cut in mere seconds.


Knife fighting isn’t precise, it’s frantic, it’s messy and it’s dangerous as hell. The difference between the two clips is obvious, the first shows knife defence in a clinic manner where the ‘nice’ attacker only attacks once and then lets the defender ‘duff him up.’ The second shows a much more realistic approach from a knife fighter with multiple unrehearsed attacks ‘killing’ a resisting partner.


Use distance for safety. American Law Enforcement Officers tested distance needed for a LEO to be able to draw a gun and shoot a knife wielding attacker. Generally they found that the officer with the gun needed 21 feet of distance to be able to draw and shoot. Note the use of the word generally, some people are faster and some are slower.  In many respects, it’s semantic, the key message is, whatever you think of as being a safe distance, probably isn’t.


Key messages

Therefore in order to reduce the chances of being cut or stabbed:

Manufacture distance to reduce the accuracy of an edged weapon (take flight – not fight).
• Where possible use man-made features or natural obstacles to act as barriers (i.e. shields).
• SHOUT for help and use whatever is close for defensive measures.
• If you end up fighting, expect to get cut.




Martial Arts Standards Agency British Judo British Council for Chinese Martial Arts – National Governing Body The World Union of Karate Federations Shi Kon Martial Arts British Council for Chinese Martial Arts – National Governing Body Safeguarding

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