Self defence is promoting a healthy lifestyle in both children and adults is aligned to the Basingstoke Council’s and Sport England’s priorities in “Towards an active nation,” with priorities for physical and mental wellbeing, development of the individual and community. 

Within our our Martial Arts club, we are firm that self protection is holistic and must cater for physical and emotional well-being.

There is a widely held misconception that self defence is all about being able to physically beat your opponent after they attack you first. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Being physical is the last resort, ever. You need knowledge and skills that cover non physical, attitudinal and physical techniques to stay safe.

Participation in Martial Arts or other associated fitness classes with other members of the community will improve cognitive and somatic health. Engaging socially with others will improve confidence and overall wellbeing.


The following links are of use:

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  1.  Obesity statistics
  2. Bullying
  3. Knives and Edged weapons
  4. Nutrition
  5. Stranger Danger
  6. Self Defence and the prevention of crime
  7. Pre-emptive strikes
  8. NHS Eatwell Guide
  9. Medical impact of Obesity
  10. How to exercise to lose weight and prevent obesity

Nutritional Self Defence 101.

  1. Eat moderately and sensibly
  2. Exercise
  3. Don’t eat more calories than you expend during the day

Don’t be surprised, Martial Arts is about self defence and self protection and with proper practice is holistic as well. (Did you know holistic is derived from the Greek word “holos,” meaning that the bodies natural systems can be considered a whole entity rather than a collection of separate parts.

Warning about Sexting

Recently Schools in Hampshire and Hampshire Police have been warning this week (9th December 2017) about the perils of sending inappropriate images and the possible consequences. This is a topic that we frequently cover in Self Protection classes at the club, but the advice bears repeating online and documenting again. According to research by the children’s charity Barnardo’s "Last year alone police recorded 9,290 accusations of sexual offences where both the perpetrator and victim were under 18. This compares to 5,215 accusations being made in 2013, representing a 78 per cent rise." It's worth remembering that although the age of consensual sexual intercourse is 16 it remains illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to take, possess, distribute or show anyone an abusive or indecent image. If an under 18 takes a photograph of themselves and sends that to another under 18, then they have committed an offence, if the recipient keeps the image then they also have committed an offence. 

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Fear, Stress, Nerves, Anxiety, Adrenalin, Self-Consciousness and Choking are all part of Martial Arts training

Black Belt Grading Project 2013 Bob Wilson My grading project comprises the challenging issues of Fear, Anxiety, Adrenalin, Self Consciousness and Choking which are all part of Martial Arts training.…

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Do you make excuses? (Self Defence 101)

Martial Arts isn't all about fighting, far from it. Martial Arts is all about setting yourself up for challenges, meeting them and overcoming them. Physically and Emotionally this is the…

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