My kids have been attending Shin Gi Tai for the last 8 years and the whole family loves it!

The coaches are all highly talented and make sure everything is age appropriate, with a healthy dose of fun thrown into each session. No two classes are ever the same with a blend of games, groundwork, karate, self defence and Kung fu. This gives the kids lots of variety and a chance to find something they really enjoy.

I love the fact that my kids have a focus outside of school. Not only do they get to burn off excess energy from sitting in a classroom all day, but they learn to focus, listen and apply themselves each lesson with hard physical work to reach a long term end goal (their belts). They pick up lots of other skills, with an added bonus of making friends along the way. In the older classes the coaches emphasise the importance of taking responsibility for your own equipment and progression which is a great life lesson from a young age.

My kids love getting involved to help support the fundraising events that Shin Gi Tai hosts which benefit local charities and I think it’s great my kids get to hear about people who are less fortunate and work together as a club to make a difference.

I decided to try out kickboxing to loose a few pounds after my third child, and 4 years later I’m hooked and practising 3 different martial arts. The coaches are the masters of motivation! The club offers a no obligation trial session to everyone, so you have nothing to loose!