Adult’s Martial Arts classes

Hitting the bags in Basingstoke Martial Arts

Our Adult’s Martial Arts Classes in Basingstoke aren’t the kind of class where you’ll march up and down the hall hitting air.

You will be able to take advantage of using our full range of equipment in your training. This will help to develop correct skilful techniques, speed and power regardless of whether you are working at long range or close.

Our experienced and qualified coaches will help you to develop your skills and knowledge. Regardless of whether you are a brand new beginner or an experienced Martial Artist already  you are welcome to train with us. 

Reasons for adults learning a Martial Art in Basingstoke

Regardless of whether you want to learn Martial Arts for self-protection, for fitness, for competition, for weight loss or simply for fun, we have an Adult’s Martial Arts Classes in Basingstoke suitable for you to train in. If you are considering learning a stand-up Martial Art like Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo or Kickboxing. A close-range Martial Art like Judo, Aikido, or Ju-Jitsu. A softer more relaxed Art such as Tai Chi. Then you will enjoy the format of our classes and the range of different Martial Arts that we train in.

    Can I learn Karate, Ladies only Kickboxing, Tai Chi, Kung Fu or Judo?

    Our adult’s Martial Arts classes in Basingstoke are suitable for anyone from the age of 15 years old. The classes teach a wide range of different skills which the participants are able to pragmatically apply to suit their own body rather than having to force their body to do something it’s not physically able to do.  Whilst practicing effective and practical Martial Arts skills, we also learn their associated underlying principles and theory. This helps our long term development as a Martial Artist
    Kickboxing for women, Kickboxing for ladies
    Taiji in Basingstoke

      Types of Martial Arts that we can teach you.

      Within our School of Martial Arts, we teach KarateKung FuJudoTai Chi and Ladies only Kickboxing. We also teach a non contact high intensity fitness class called Martial Music Blast or MMB, which is a mixture of Martial Arts moves performed to great music. Our coaches are highly experienced in one or more of these Martial Arts and have been teaching in Basingstoke and further afield for many years, stretching back to 1985.  Technical skills are necessary for coaches to help you get the best from your Martial Arts classes. However all coaches have to be highly qualified as teachers of the Martial Arts. This means that they understand how to help you get the best from your training

      Non physical skills that we learn

      However we don’t just teach you the physical skills to defend yourself, we also teach you the soft skills necessary for self-protection including how to spot potential danger, having a hunters mindset, using what’s available to you and weapons safety. Plus common-sense strategies to keep safe along with an understanding  of how your voice and attitude both affect your safety.  With a senior instructor being a serving Police Officer, we are have the knowledge to explain the legalities of  self-defence. We also provide regular specialist ladies only self-defence courses using both male and female coaches. These provide focused, clear and concise principles for women to follow to help them to stay safe.  ‘Prevention is far better than cure’ is certainly true in for self protection. These courses help you to learn the soft skills necessary to look after yourself. Self protection often overlooks emotional and mental self defence whereby we actively consider our own personal health and what we can do to foster it and guard it. Mindfulness is a key part of how we train this and develop our own bodies, knowledge and mind.

       The hardest part is walking through the door. Come and try a free class with us and develop skills and knowledge whilst you get fitter.  

      Adult Kung Fu Classes in Basingstoke

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