With obesity in children on the increase, our kids exercise class here in Basingstoke is a perfect antidote to the perils of electronic games.  Fun, dynamic, active and a funky energetic workout all set to great music are the hallmarks of this  class.

Combat Groove is a great workout for kids from as young as 5. It involves martial arts , dance, gymnastic, acrobatic and weapons skills, all set to music. The classes do not incorporate any fighting, this is a performance class, designed to give the children an opportunity to learn and showcase new skills and have a great time whilst they do it.

In this class we also make extensive use of our facilities by often setting out an obstacle course or fitness circuit for the kids  to use. This helps with skills such as control, speed, agility and quickness, all of which are prerequisites for any sport that the child does. We also work during these classes on other attributes such as flexibility, core strength, balance and general co-ordination.

Classes are team focussed providing a great opportunity to make friends and have fun together. Children often have the opportunity to work together to develop their own choreography or routine skills as well as learning routines choreographed by our coaches. It’s a great class for building confidence, learning to share ideas and developing new skills.

This class is an ideal opportunity for children who wish to complement their regular martial arts classes with another skill. This class is suitable for complete beginners through to experienced martial artists, however we would recommend that students have some experience of martial arts, dance or gymnastics before beginning this class as this lays the foundations for many of the moves used.

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