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British Open Championships

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Karate in Basingstoke, Martial Arts in BasingstokeAt the end of April we took 29 competitors, 6 officials, judges or referees and 6 coaches and 2 helpers/score keepers to the British Open in London Docklands. The British Open is one of the largest competitions in the calendar with a high standard of competitors and many world level Referees officiating. This years event was no different and there were about 600 competitors and 6 Tatamis in use all day..

We had many new comers to our competition squad taking part in their first competition, so it was fair to say that there lots of nerves involved from both them and also from their parents. They had all worked hard to be ready for the competition.

We started with the kata events and these were keenly contested in all age groups. The events started with the youngest age categories and proceeded from there. We saw some polished performances in all the categories and some some good competitors that we need to match up to.

Congratulations to Mandi Miles who won a Silver and Mandi and Gavin Downey who won a Bronze Medal in Kata.


The Kumite events were also busy categories. We saw some great work from the squad, Sophie, Ruby and Orla won our first medal in the Girls <8 Team Kumite. Solomon had a good day winning Silver in his individual event, he was withdrawn on medical advice part way through the final bout. He also won a Bronze in the Team event with Jack, Zane and Enzo. Other medals were won by Emma, Leyna and Claudia.

Congratulations Team Shin Gi Tai for a large proportion of the team this was their first time competing and they did themselves proud. In all it was a really positive competition. Nice to see international teams attending from Poland, Egypt, Slovakia, Algeria, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales and several top association teams from England.



Karate Sport England National Championships

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Members of Shin Gi Tai Martial Arts took part in the Karate Sport England National Championships in Harlow With squads attending from some of the biggest Karate groups in Great Britain along with some National Squads taking part it was a busy competition and a long day for everyone.

For many of the squad members this was their first competition of the year, we had a reasonably successful event winning two Gold medals, four Silver Medals and Twenty Bronze medals.

Our first competitors started competing at 9:00am with the Kata (*) categories. We have success with the ladies team Kata entries gaining a Silver medal with Lindsey Andrews, Tricia Jordan and Lynn Aston plus a Bronze Medal for Jess Muller, Georgina Butcher and Zara Hughes-White also in the same category. In the Individual events Lindsey Andrews won a Gold Medal in the Ladies Kata.

The fighting started at around 11, with most of our juniors going between Kata categories and fighting categories and in some cases been called upto compete in three categories simultaneously. It made for a challenging lunch period and one that the organisers need to address next year. Once things had settled down we got into the swing of things. Mark Nevola won the Veterans Kumite against a fancied fighter. Jess Muller made it to the final of the female cadets and worked hard to win a silver medal. Special mention in the fighting goes to Samantha Butcher, at 13 one of the younger members of the team. She had a great day fighting through to the Semi finals before narrowly losing to the eventual winner. Samantha fought her heart out all day and this was a big step up for her.

* Kata is a choreographed sequence of movements where attacking and defensive movements are practised in sequence. Kumite is fighting against an opponent


Success at the National All Styles Competiton

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Congratulations to the members of our Basingstoke Martial Arts club who competed in the National All Styles Southern Open Championship recently. Most of the squad members are pictured to the left, they came away with 44 medals.

We had an excellent day competing against other styles of Karate along with Taekwondo, Kung Fu and Kuk Sul Do amongst others. It was good to see old friends there as well including Richard Canton’s group from the Sussex and Kent area (

The NAS events are apolitical and are open to all Martial Artists with fair refereeing and judging, they are good to go to. We took the opportunity for our Junior Squad to enter their first event and had some fantastic results and all competitors gained some great experience. Whilst the senior squad members all got to road test some next techniques or katas/forms.

Well done to Edward our most successful competitor on the day with three Gold Medals (for Junior Weapons, Points sparring and Continuous sparring.)

Looking forward to the next one.

Children's Martial Arts in Basingstoke

First time tropies for Hannah (Silver) and Ben (Bronze)


Headkick Harry with his trophies for Kata and Points sparring.

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