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Special Needs International Judo Competition

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Judo, BJA, Adults Judo basingstoke, Special Needs Judo, SN Judo, Pete Powell Judo, Senior Examiner, Basinstoke Judo Class, Level 3 Coach, Gosport JudoCongratulations to Gavin Downey who came 3rd in the Irish International Open Special Needs Judo Competition in Dublin on Sunday 28th October against some very determined and strong international competitors..

This result caps an excellent year for Gavin who has excelled himself in several large Judo competitions and has also achieved good success with his Karate during the year.

Gavin is pictured with Senior Judo Coach Peter Powell, 3rd BJA Level 3 Coach and a BJA Senior Examiner.



I can’t learn a Martial Art

Written by bryan. Posted in Martial Arts

I’d like to learn a Martial Art, but can’t at the moment because………..

“I’m too unfit”……….”I’m too old”………..”I don’t have time”…………..”I’ll never be able to kick at head height level” “I Can’t……” “It’s too hard………” or the ones that should be used much more often, but are actually used the least “I’m too lazy” “I like being an armchair warrior.” 

Next time you think you’d like to start learning a Martial Art but you find a reason not too, then remember watching the video of this young man performing Karate or Kyle Maynard with his wrestling in the video at the foot of the page.

For those of you that already practice, maybe these two guys will give you food for thought about your own training and how you go about it.



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