Special Needs Judo Class in Basingstoke

Adaptive Judo Class

Special Educational Needs Martial Arts Class

We run Basingstoke’s only specialist Special Educational Needs Martial Arts Class together with the support of Dove House School Academy, where this class is held.

Our Judo club in Basingstoke is socially inclusive regardless of age, race, gender or ability. We are proud to be a Sport England accredited Clubmark Club for All and are committed to continuing this approach.

Through our approach to teaching quality Martial Arts, Sport England and The British Judo Association provided funding to set up a Satellite Judo Class at Dove House School, which is taught as an after school club. This club will continue to build upon the success that that we’ve had together over the last five years providing Martial Arts days at Dove House during school holiday clubs.

Sport for All

There is no reason why the Martial Arts can’t be practised by everyone with, if necessary, the right adaptation to the individual. Over the years our Basingstoke Judo club has successfully trained people with varying disabilities including both physical disabilities and learning / mental disabilities. We have experience with working with members who have conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Paraplegia, Deafness, Visual Impairment, Amputees, Autism, Aspergers, Dyspraxia, ADHD and other physical learning difficulties.

There is no reason why we can’t inspire self-esteem in EVERY adult and child and that includes those with special needs and our Judo classes are a great place to start.

Adults or parents who have a child with a disability or learning needs are welcome to contact us directly so that we can discuss together a suitable training plan based on your requirements.

Training in Judo / Kung Fu / Karate can serve as an important corollary to other physical, behavioural and psychological treatment programs. When Martial Arts are taught with the appropriate teaching methods, everyone can succeed, whether in a group, semi-private, or private class session.

Taster Sessions

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What are the benefits of Martial Arts training?

Through our structured teaching method, people have a safe outlet for their physical exuberance and work to develop self-control, helping them to manage fear, anger and frustration. They develop a respect for their own body as well as for others and can master the art of relaxation and breath control.

In addition to the benefits gained from Martial Arts practice, our participants also benefit from the fitness work that we do. Typically this is the form of a fun activity that all of the children enjoy ‘playing.’

Many children with special needs have already benefited from our Martial Arts classes with our club in Basingstoke.

Photo of Adaptive Judo Class
Photo of Adaptive Judo Class Group

Other classes

For those people who are not able to make these after school classes, we offer inclusive classes at other times during the week at our full time, professional Martial Arts Centre which is near to the centre of Basingstoke.

Private classes can also be arranged at convenient times throughout the day. When appropriate, parents can even participate in private training and join their children on the mat.

What our clients think

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