Wheelchair Martial Arts and Fitness Classes

Photo of girl in a wheelchair punching a punchbag

I use a wheelchair, can I learn a Martial Art?

Yes you can! There is an assumption by many people that disabled people cannot take part in sport, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In our Martial Arts school, we have dedicated wheelchair Martial Arts and Wheelchair Fitness classes. These classes have been designed for wheelchair users in mind not adapted for them. Parasport has grown tremendously over the last five years and our Para-Karate and Paraplegic Tai Chi and are great examples of this, we have a good track record in Wheelchair Martial Arts classes.

With our coaches having many years of adapting Martial Arts to suit each individual’s body. Whether you are training in Wheelchair Karate, Wheelchair Tai Chi or our Wheelchair fitness classes, you can be confident that we can help you learn good, high quality Martial Arts and to help you meet your goals for practicing these sports.

Wheelchair Sports are here to stay and we are proud to provide them for our community. With our club, everyone has the right to take part in sport regardless of ability, gender, race or age. We are a Sports club for all.

Taster Sessions

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Wheelchair Fitness Classes

Not to be outdone our Wheelchair Fitness classes will help you to get fitter, whilst improving your cardiovascular fitness and strength in our classes. Using a range of strength and conditioning equipment or dedicated cardio equipment such as our handbike or our Invictus Active Trainer.

The classes contain a variety of exercises, which we rotate to ensure there is variety when you workout, a class might be based on a general gym based circuits class, it might be strength based, it might be a high intensity interval training, Tabata based or pyramid based training sessions. Our Wheelchair fitness classes will help you to get fitter.

Photo of girl in a wheelchair punching a punchbag

Martial Music Blast

Photo of man and woman in Karate Class

Wheelchair Exercise to Music

Martial Music Blast or MMB gives an intense adrenaline buzz after taking part in a class. This exercise programme was designed with a seated and standing version and classes combine both disciplines in every class.

As an exercise to music class, you will hear some great music being played with lots of old favourites and new music and new routines to practice. Martial Music Blast comprises of strength and conditioning exercises drawn from many different Martial Arts and cardio to hi-energy music with coaches encouraging you every step of the way.

For more information on MMB click here

Invictus Active Trainer

Our Invictus Active Trainer is a fantastic piece of equipment to bolster you with a great cardio workout to boose your fitness levels. You will burn lots of calories and can work on your pushing technique, both at fast and slow speeds. Whilst it is a piece of cardio equipment the Invictus Active Trainer in our Basingstoke gym is great for developing shoulder and upper body strength. We can help you to track your speed and distance on this Invictus Active Trainer along with monitoring your heart rate, so you really can take control of your workouts. You can arrange for a small group session on the trainer or book it for your private use.

Para Tai Chi

Wheelchair Tai Chi is good for both muscle relaxation and for mindfully considering how and when we move our body. The subtle soft movements in Tai Chi are suitable for anyone to practice regardless of their age or ability. Because of its nature as an internal Martial Art, originating from China, Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Taiji originated in China hundreds of years ago and since then has grown with worldwide popularity. Millions of people around the globe now practice Taiji and Wheelchair Tai Chi is very much a part of this. The movements are performed slowly and elegantly with a focus on the holistic benefits that the gentle movements promote.

Come and try our Basingstoke Tai Chi Classes and learn this graceful art. Tai Chi is a form of exercise and moving mediation that has been practiced for centuries in China for its holistic health benefits. As a soft internal Chinese Art, it is suitable for all ages and abilities with it’s mixture of mindfulness, physical techniques and meditation.

More information on our Tai Chi classes can be found here

Wheelchair Karate

Our Wheelchair Karate classes includes the skills from Karate with some adaptation, for example rather than kicking we utilise a range of different hand, arm or chair strikes. You will learn how to evade, block, strike and punch both in a static manner and whilst moving your wheelchair. You’ll learn and practice self protections skills and techniques to supplement your knowledge. We have a range of equipment that you can work with including pads and bags allowing you to safely practice your Karate moves.

Whilst we have a dedicated wheelchair only Karate class, some of our members prefer to train in the general adult’s Karate class. More information can be found here, the choice of classes is yours, of course you can do both classes.

Photo of young martial artist bowing
Photo of young martial artist bowing

What our clients think

format_quoteI have seen Shin Gi Tai Martial Arts Academy grow and develop significantly over the last 3 years.  The club have deservedly gained ‘Clubmark’ accreditation and won Borough and county sports club of the year titles.  These accolades highlight the clubs’ commitment to ensuring a safe, effective environment for members.  Shin Gi Tai’s programmes are well received by residents and make an excellent contribution to increasing participation rates locally. format_quote
Susan Parker – Sports Development Officer, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council 

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