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Training people with varying disabilities

Our Basingstoke Martial Arts club provides inclusive classes and is socially inclusive regardless of age, race, sexuality, gender or disability. We are proud to have been, since 2010, a Sport England accredited ‘Clubmark Club for All’ and are committed to continuing this approach.

There is no reason why the Martial Arts can’t be practised by everyone with, if necessary, the right adaptations for the individual. Over many years our club has successfully trained people with varying disabilities including both learning / mental disabilities and physical disabilities. Our coaches are experienced with working with members who have conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Paraplegia, Deafness, Visual Impairment, Amputees, Autism, Aspergers, Dyspraxia, ADHD plus other physical learning difficulties.
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There is no reason why good quality Martial Arts training can’t inspire self-esteem in EVERY adult and child and that includes those with additional needs and our classes are a great place to start.

Discuss a suitable training plan

Adults or parents who have a child with a disability or learning needs are welcome to contact us directly so that we can discuss together a suitable training plan based on your requirements.

Taster Sessions

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Our Lead Coach is a Wheelchair user

Mandi Sensei is one of our lead coaches, she’s a qualified academic lecturer, has two Martial Arts coaching qualifications allowing her to coach Karate, Chinese Kickboxing and Tai Chi.

Mandi holds Black Belts in Karate and Chinese Kung Fu and is constantly challenging herself in terms of improving her knowledge and skills in her chosen arts.

Competitively Mandi has been a National and European Champion and in 2016 become a World Karate Champion. She was a pioneer for Martial Artists with Paraplegia competing in open categories for individuals with no physical disability and in most cases winning medals in these. Although Mandi no longer competes her students are now winning medals in their own right as competitors in international events.

Mandi is responsible within Shin Gi Tai for coach education and ensuring that our coaching standards remain at the highest levels. Like our other coaches with physical disabilities she can provide an unique insight into successful training.

2017 World Union of Karate Do Federations European Champion from Basingstoke Coach to Ladies only Karate class

What our clients think

format_quoteA very well run club. Coaches make all lessons fun, great for confidence and inclusive for all. format_quote
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