Discussions with Steve Rowe

Steve Rowe is the Chief Instructor for Shi Kon International teaching thousands of students around the world. He is a regular visitor to our club teaching courses for us and helping us to expand our knowledge and skills across many different areas.

Steve is one of the highest graded practitioners of Martial Arts, holding the following grades; Karate 9th Dan; Kung Fu 9th Dan; 3rd Dan Iaido; 1st Dan Jodo and 1st Dan Ju Jitsu. He has published books and also has been a prolific writer for over 40 years in many different Martial Arts magazines.

These videos are a small selection of the knowledge that he shares. We hope that you enjoy them

Kung Fu teacher Basingstoke, Karate teacher Basingstoke

MARTIAL ARTS ARE NOT OFFENSIVE, how come, isn’t it all about fighting, beating, winning?

What is natural movement? What is natural movement in the martial arts? How do you train to move naturally? What about every day life?

BULLYING Warrior’s Mind What is it in martial arts? Do Martial Arts foster bullying or help guard against it? A

What is Self Defence? What’s most likely thing to kill you? How can your mind kill you? How does mindfulness build self defence? How does self control work in self defence? How do you keep yourself safe?

FOCUS YOUR MONKEY MIND Warrior’s Mind What does that mean? How can you generate that focus in martial arts? Awesome thoughtfulness for the martial artist.

Internal External Arts Warrior’s Mind What does Internal and External mean? What’s the point in martial arts? Why is it so difficult and yet straightforward?

What is a Black Belt? What does it take to become one? Why do some folk argue about it? Why is it so difficult and yet straightforward?

Steve Rowe discusses the concept of “entering a small door” in the Martial Arts.

What is a Yin & Yang? What use are they in martial arts? Why are they relevant to training and every day life? How can you experience them?

What’s eating bitter all about? What’s the point? Where do you do it and when? Is it worth it? Is it easy?

The Yin Factor? What does that mean? Why is it relevant to the rough, tough martial arts world?

It’s not what you do, it is the way that you do it. How can it be that any art from the traditional martial arts to the most combative fighting arts is all about how you do it?

Steve Rowe 9th Dan talks about Your Inner Animal in the Martial Arts.

Steve Rowe 9th Dan talks about Emotional Intelligence in the Martial Arts