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Family Martial Arts Class in BasingstokeParents

We understand the needs of parents, as well as the needs of the children from Basingstoke we teach Martial Arts to. We want you to be a part of your child’s learning as your support is vital to their success.

Therefore, we arrange regular open weeks for the children’s classes, where you join in and a take a class together with your child, so that you can understand what you can do to help them at home and also what it is they do.

Additionally when the children are ready to attempt their next grade, we encourage parents and siblings to attend to provide moral support to their child and to help all of the Basingstoke students to enhance their Black Belt attitude.

Of course, the ultimate in encouragement is for you to take on the challenge yourself and learn alongside your child. Kids and Adults both benefit from quality time spent together and children especially love the opportunity to beat the grownups at something and teach mum and dad a thing or two! With this in mind, we have special spots in our timetable for family only classes, allowing you to all train, learn and have fun together. So show your children how proud you are of them and get involved today.

Basingstoke Family Karate ClassWhat do we teach in our family classes

As parents ourselves and as qualified Martial Arts Instructors, we have a very clear idea as to what is suitable to learn in our family classes, for example some of the things we teach in an adult only class are not appropriate to teach to youngsters due to either the development of their bodies or because of the nature of the techniques itself. We ensure that what we teach is appropriate both in terms of safety and content to the Family class.

In our family classes  the focus is on fun exercise, whilst of course learning to become exponents of Karate / Judo / Kung Fu to reach the coveted Black Belt. Both Children and Adults practise the same techniques, however we understand that due to age (both old and young) people can have some physical limitations, so we work with them individually to tailor their techniques to suit their own body.

We play games that are designed to build teamwork in the class and also to get people a little competitive. The Kids (including the slightly older ones) have a great time with the games as they are an excellent way to get fit and practice some of the skills and principles of the Karate that we teach.

Both Children and adults enjoy using the equipment that we provide, we provide separate sets that are suitable for each group to use. Students work individually on some equipment and together with a partner on other. This is not only a great way for Mums and Dads to stay fit, it also helps their child to develop their skills both in class and also at home.

Both parents and children are welcome to attend our other age specific classes that we provide.


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