Children’s Martial Arts class for kids aged between 4 – 6 years old.

We teach the fundamental building blocks of Martial Arts techniques in each class helping the children to learn them. Children’s Karate is used standing techniques and Judo for Kids includes groundwork and throws. At this age the children are now becoming more confident of their own abilities and have developed some skills. We then work with them to further enhance their existing knowledge and taking them to the next level. This is the same type of approach that they experience in Reception Year and First Year of school. We help them  to continue building on the social and life skills that students have already learnt. Then we introduce them to more advanced Martial Arts skills to develop their physical ability.

The Focus of our Martial Arts 

The emphasis is less on having 100% technically correct movements, rather on getting the techniques generally right and having fun . At this age children are still developing physical co-ordination and spatial awareness so fine-tuning is impractical. 

The children in these classes do not do any sparring with each other, but occasionally do get to practice with the coaches. When the children move to our Martial Arts class for the 6 – 9 year olds, then they start to spar. Our classes that includes teenagers also practice sparring.

The themes in Karate, Judo and Kung Fu are:-

We practice these core skills with the kids in our Children’s Martial Arts classes through a range of activities on the context of school, home and the Martial Arts. These are designed to work them during class and also for them to consider outside of the class. For example if we are working on teamwork, then we may ask the children to record 10 acts of kindness or respect towards their siblings or school friends and then come in and talk about these in class the following week.

No matter what sport or activity your child does in the future, these eight skills will help them to succeed. Just watch any children’s games or activities and the ones who have mastered these skills are the ones that shine and stand out as being the ones that everyone wants in their team.

Because we split our Martial Arts classes for children by age and also experience, your child will train with other children of their own age group, and not have to be limited or overwhelmed by younger and older children. Each class will accommodate every student’s skills and abilities in a way that is not overly demanding or intimidating. That means more age-specific instruction with better results.

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