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Parents – Are you finding it difficult to get your children physically active?

Try a sport where there is long term progression with age specific skills. 

Does your child find it difficult to find a sport that they want to stick at? Does that initial burst of enthusiasm quickly disappear? Are they spending too much time on electronic devices?

Learning a Martial Art is different.

There are numerous advantages to both the mind and the body. Yes they will get fitter and stronger. Self defence and self protection is practiced and the kids gain in self confidence and self belief working with other children. The concentration and discipline of progressing towards the next belt helps to keep Martial Arts children focusing on the benefits of sustained effort and persistence. The rewards being greater performance, better results and more motivation.

Practicing safe martial arts for children
Children's Karate for 8 year olds in Basingstoke. Karate near me.

Adults – Are you bored with your current fitness routine?

Adults Martial Arts classes for fitness and self defence, Get fit. Learn to defend yourself
Karate Kicks in Basingstoke class

Or are you looking for a new hobby or challenge?

Whether you are interested in; getting fit, meeting new friends, learning self defence or practicing a new sport. Our club promotes a positive approach to training that will help you to beat that goal.

Our classes provide a great way to stay in shape with a curriculum that means you won’t get bored or stale in your training. As your learning journey continues and you improve, the practice is then tailored to suit your specific needs.

Come and try our classes. Let us help you with your physical fitness goals whilst gaining new confidence and new skills. Your flexibility will improve and likewise changes to strength and conditioning will show.

You won’t just learn the physical skills to defend yourself. You will also learn the softer skills necessary for self-protection including how to spot potential danger,

Family Martial Arts in Basingstoke

Come and try one of our classes today and take advantage of one of our offers.

For nearly 30 years we’ve been helping adults and children to achieve their Martial Arts and Fitness goals. From 4 years old to over 90, from our specialist age specific children’s classes through to adults Martial Arts or Fitness classes onto Tai Chi. You can be confident of making the most of your experience with our Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Kickboxing and fitness classes.

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Children’s Martial Arts – back to school Special Offers

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HIIT Fitness Class, Bodycombat, Zumba Strong, Fitness Kickboxing

Adults Martial Arts
Special offers

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My kids have been attending Shin Gi Tai for the last 5 years and the whole family loves it! The coaches all are highly talented and make sure everything is age appropriate, with a healthy dose of fun thrown into each session.

No two classes are ever the same with a blend of games, groundwork, karate, self defence and Kung fu. This gives the kids lots of variety and a chance to find something they really enjoy.

I love the fact that my kids have a focus outside of school. Not only do they get to burn off excess energy from sitting in a classroom all day, but they learn to focus, listen and apply themselves each lesson with hard physical work to reach a long term end goal (their belts).

They pick up lots of other skills, with an added bonus of making friends along the way. In the older classes the coaches emphasise the importance of taking responsibility for your own equipment and progression which is a great life lesson from a young age. My kids love getting involved to help support the fundraising events that Shin Gi Tai hosts which benefit local charities and I think it’s great my kids get to hear about people who are less fortunate and work together as a club to make a difference.

I decided to try out kickboxing to loose a few pounds after my third child, and 4 years later I’m hooked and practising 3 different martial arts.

The coaches are the masters of motivation!


Karate, Kickboxing and Taichi plus Mum of three Martial Artists

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