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Karate is Karate, right!

Written by bryan. Posted in Martial Arts

Does your Coach really understand what they are coaching?

Does your Coach really understand what they are coaching?

I was reading some posts on an internet forum this evening and wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry, or maybe both, just not sure which way around. To cut short a long and tedious thread, the thrust of the argument was, that it doesn’t matter where you do Karate and who with, as its all the same underneath. Sure there is an argument that nearly anyone can teach you how to wave your hand or foot in front of your body and call it a punch or kick, indeed some schools are based on this premise. At the end of the day a punch is a punch, right, well not quite. Imagine the following;

“Sensei, my punch isn’t very good, how can I make it better”

“Well you need to turn your fist ½ cm to the left and that will make it much stronger”

“Um, okay, thanks. Now how can I make it faster”

“Well you need to add more kime to the technique” 


 At which stage the hapless student goes off to practice, maybe and to see if they can figure out what they been told

Many people, particularly low ranking instructors don’t know any better, they think Karate is all about how the technique looks and don’t have the depth of knowledge to back up their teaching. Why? Well it was they way that they were taught.

If you take the same conversation and play it differently, with a more experienced instructor.

“Sensei, my punch isn’t very good, how can I make it better”

“In what way isn’t it very good”

“It doesn’t feel very strong when I hit something nor is it fast”

“Okay, well lets grab a pad and try some punches……….Okay when you are punching,  your shoulder is raised and as you impact, it is being pushed back”

“Oh, I didn’t realise I was doing that. Actually why am I doing that”

“You need to soften the chest and relax the shoulders as you punch and then the hand and foot need to land together at the point of impact, like this……….Do you feel the difference between both styles?”

“Yes I do, but I’m not sure on how to soften the chest and relax the shoulders like you just did”

“I know, I wanted you to understand the difference in the feel of a technique first, before explaining it to you. If I tell you, you might understand, if you feel it, you will understand better. Try this, stand in a natural stance, soften the muscles in the ankles, calves……etc all the way upto the chest. Now soften the chest itself. You’ll now notice that the shoulders are relaxed and lowered and you are breathing ‘through your belly.’ This is one part of the equation for generating speed and power in a technique”

“Thanks, is it that simple?”

“Laughs, not quite. We need to look at your posture now. One of the key components of a successful technique is your body condition.


“You need to be a stable posture, with good balance, distance and timing. Moreover you need to be able to deliver a technique with all of these components, whilst destroying your opponents own body condition.”

“Okay I get that”

“Good, well lets try that, so you can show me how well you understand the concept and can then deliver it.  We can then move onto start investigating being heavy, rooted and adding circles into your movements and their effect on the successful delivery of the punch and you can see their effect on the speed of delivery.”

Learning Karate or any Martial Art is a complex business. It needs someone who has been through the mill and understands in depth how to make it happen. More importantly, that person should be able to communicate it , to their students, so that they can learn how to do it like that as well, or preferably, to be able to do it better than the instructor.

To say Karate is Karate, no matter what, is like offering to take your partner out for a valentines meal to McDonalds rather than a sumptuous meal cooked by Jamie Oliver at one of his restaurants and then to tell your partner, after all it’s only food and it’s all been cooked.

Food for thought I hope, enjoy your experience and may your just deserts be rich, deep and full of calories.


Basingstoke Sports Club of the Year award for 2010

Written by bryan. Posted in Awards, News

 Shin Gi Tai Martial Arts Academy in Basingstoke has been awarded the Basingstoke Sports Club of the Year award for 2010

 In the face of stiff competition from Basingstoke Bluefins (swimming), Basingstoke Gymnastics club, Basingstoke Rugby Club, Basingstoke Volleyball Club and Totally Tennis, most of whom have been previous winners of this prestigious award, we have been awarded the 2009 Sports Club on the Year award for Basingstoke at the annual sports awards ceremony on 26th February 2010.

The awarded was presented by The Mayor of Basingstoke and Deane Cllr Brian Gurden to coaches Katherine White, Lindsey Andrews and Bryan Andrews.


This recognition for Shin Gi Tai as a centre of excellence for general sports and not only Martial Arts in Basingstoke has been due to the hard work of all of the coaches (Lindsey, Katherine, Neil, Jonathan, Bryan, Teresa and Jackie) within the Academy and the dedication of it’s members in pursuing excellence in the field of Martial Arts. A special mention must also go to the parents of our members who support their children in the quest to become Black belts and whose support and encouragement is vital to the success of the children. The support from Sue Parker and Greg Knight from Basingstoke and Dean Council and Kevin Laing from the Local Sports Council has also been important in helping us develop us a club and we’d like to thank them for their contribution during this year and look forward to continuing to work with them to deliver sporting opportunities within Basingstoke.


Basingstoke and Deane Borough is fortunate to have a very strong sporting community, which is demonstrated both in the success of it’s athletes in competition and also the provision of grass roots sporting opportunities in the local community. The Borough Council, Local Sports Council and Basingstoke Sports Trust all play a big part in recognising and supporting this achievement at the annual Sports Awards.  The Basingstoke annual Sports Awards are coordinated by the Voluntary Local Sports Council and are hosted by the Apollo Hotel with support from the Basingstoke Gazette Newspaper. The awards ceremony celebrates the success and achievements of clubs, teams, coaches, officials and individuals involved in sport within the Borough.


During the 2010 awards ceremony, the standard of the Basingstoke Sports people and the clubs was clearly evident with many Olympic athletes represented along with national, international and world champions from sports as diverse as Judo, Ice Hockey, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Football, Equestrian Vaulting, several Athletics disciplines and Boccia. The future looks bright for sport in Basingstoke with many excellent coaches, clubs, officials and players. With such high quality competition, we can be very proud of our achievement.


Bryan Andrews Chief Instructor for Shin Gi Tai commented “The award of Sports Club of the Year 2009, means a lot to us, being the first Martial Arts club to win this award. It is a great culmination to an excellent year of progress for us as an Academy with many notable achievements including:-


  • Moving into Basingstoke’s only fully equipped Martial Arts centre
  • The first of our members achieving their Black Belts
  • Becoming accredited as Coaching assessors for the Martial Arts Standard Agency
  • The introduction of a specific children’s Coaching programme to help develop the skills of Junior coaches with mentoring from more senior coaches
  • The production of our first booklet, a children’s guide to combat Bullying called “Don’t Bully me!”
  • Becoming recognised by Sport England through our affiliation to the BCCMA and Shikon International
  • The introduction of various awards to celebrate the success of our members


The award gives us a lot to live up to in the coming year, but we have more exciting plans for 2010, that we are working towards including Clubmark accreditation with Sport England.”

Martial Arts Standards Agency British Judo British Council for Chinese Martial Arts – National Governing Body The World Union of Karate Federations Shi Kon Martial Arts British Council for Chinese Martial Arts – National Governing Body Safeguarding

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