Testimonial #23 – Hamer

My son came out telling me about the new skills he’d learnt. He continued talking about his class during dinner and today was practising karate whilst waiting to leave the house! Thank you for igniting a fire in his belly. He’s grown in confidence,...

Testimonial #22 – JH

My son (name redacted) has anxiety issues and the leaders do a fantastic job of reassuring him and manage to get him in the class! Which is no easy feat. He loves the classes when he’s there. He gets plenty of exercise and is very excited when he learns something new....

Testimonial #21 -Cooke

My son absolutely loves his karate class, he’s always excited to get to there and just as excited when he leaves asking when he’s going to the next one. 5 stars all day!

Testimonial #17 Wayman

I cannot recommend this school highly enough my son and my father both attend this school and both really enjoy the classes each week. Would totally recommend this school for your son or daughter.

Testimonial #14 – East Hants

As part of the Sky Sports Living for Sport project to improve children’s self-confidence and self-esteem Lindsey and Bryan Andrews independently led a number of innovative sessions with mixed ability groups. There work was part of a national bid to combat inactivity...

Testimonial #11 – Aldworth

My name is David Bourne – Head of PE at Aldworth Science College in Basingstoke. I have observed and taken part in numerous sessions from the two of the instructors Bryan and Lindsey. Whilst in one of the sessions I was introduced to COMBAT GROOVE. I was so impressed...

Testimonial #08 – Roake

Fabulous teachers who are amazingly skilled in their own right but also engage and capture every single child’s attention in the class which is a skill in itself. Highly recommend

Testimonial #03 – Bailey

My son is absolutely thriving at karate! Loves it and so much fun and can use all his strengths … thanks Shin Gi Tai team!

Testimonial #01 – Bullock

My kids have been attending Shin Gi Tai for the last 8 years and the whole family loves it! The coaches are all highly talented and make sure everything is age appropriate, with a healthy dose of fun thrown into each session. No two classes are ever the same with a...