Martial Arts Black Friday Sale in Basingstoke

Friday 29th November

We are offering a Black Friday sale on excess Martial Arts equipment along with Martial Arts classes for both Children and adults.

The items will be available on our website only in the Store section.

 We are looking to reduce the amount of stock that we need to move to our new, improved, location. Also to raise some additional funds for new items.

There are a number of one off items that have limited quantities available, so once they are sold, then the item will not be available for sale in the store.

Some of the items we are including are:

  1. Adults Martial Arts Classes
  2. Adults Judo Classes
  3. Ladies only Karate
  4. Ladies only Kickboxing
  5. Children’s Martial Arts classes
  6. Hayashi Tenno Karate Gis
  7. Kickboxing Trousers
  8. Private lesson
  9. T Shirts
  10. Annual Games passes
  11. Judo uniforms
  12. Various weapons
  13. Courses
  14. 1 x Adults annual membership
  15. 1 x Children’s annual membership