Success or Not

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Being a Martial Artist we learn and practice discipline and an ethos of self reliance to help us further our physical and emotional skills.

We can work with coaches that are the best in the world, train with the best students and in the best facilities. However the hard work, sweat, effort, tears, blood and determination all are internal to us and that’s what makes us good or not.

The choice is ours alone to make. Don’t work hard or work hard, don’t learn or learn. Don’t practice or practice. Essential it’s our choice, Don’t do or do.

If we want to achieve anything worthwhile, we have to work at it. Martial Arts isn’t any different. Work hard, practice diligently, practice consistently and remember success or not is down to you. If you want to do it, make it happen and if you really don’t want to make it happen, look for an excuse to blame it all on.


Learning to be a better coach

Written by bryan. Posted in Coaching

There is a mistaken belief that you can only learn new coaching skills from within your own sport. This viewpoint exists in many sports including Martial Arts.

Our senior coaches spend lot of time researching best practice in Sports Coaching and evaluating how we can implement those ideas within the club.

UK Coaching have written a blog on their website about Sensei Lindsey and Sifu Mandi’s trip to the UK Coaching Conference in Edinburgh. The full article can be accessed here.

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