Basing Karate, Kung Fu, Shotokan Karate, Martial Arts for Adults, Beginners KarateWith the World Karate Championships coming up in June, Karate England have selected three of our Basingstoke based members to compete for the National All Style Karate Squad.

Karate England’s National Coaches Abdu Shaher and Ian Cuthbert have been monitoring progress at the regular squad training sessions in Loughborough and also during competitions before inviting individuals to become part of the team.

Lindsey Andrews (38), Bryan Andrews (45) and Mark Nevola (49) have been selected to compete in the Veteran’s categories. Lindsey has been picked for the team kata and also for individual kata. Bryan and Mark are both selected for individual Kata and Kumite events **.

This seals a good year for Lindsey who is the current Karate England British Veteran’s Open Champion for Kata, which she won in September. She also holds the number one ranking for Shotokan Kata, having reinforced this with two gold medals for Kata at the British International Karate Open in January. Mark has had a good 2013 with Gold Medals for Kumite at the BIKO event, the Berlin open and an Open Karate championships in Birmingham, he also added a bronze medal for Kata at the Berlin open. Bryan celebrated his return to competition in January with two Bronze medals at the BIKO championships for Kumite and Kata.


The competition is to be held in Slovenia in June and all three competitors are working hard towards the championships with both fitness and sport specific training along with regular coaching from their coaches.

Competition will be fierce with many top level athletes competing at the event, all three are looking forward to the challenge.


** (Kata is a choreographed sequence of movements where attacking and defensive movements are practised in sequence. Kumite is fighting.)