Basingstoke Martial Arts Academy

Congratulations to the Winners

Congratulations to the Winners

Congratulations to the two Winners from our recent competitions.

Victoria Chestnutt won the Ladies Kickboxing course prize, this was a free 8 weeks membership of the Kickboxing class and Paul Tanner, who won the Tai Chi beginner course also received a free 8 weeks membership.


Our Basingstoke Ladies only Kickboxing course is designed to allow newcomers and more experienced people to learn strong Kickboxing and self protection skills in a supportive and nurturing way. It’s a great way to get fit, make friends, have fun and enjoy the social activities.






Our Basingstoke Tai Chi course is designed to give people a gentle introduction to this ancient Chinese Martial Art that is practised by millions of people world wide of all ages for it health properties and for relaxation.

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