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Understanding Focus

Dictionaries gives a wide range of definitions of focus including the following

  1. To focus on a particular topic and concentrate on it, discuss it, think about or deal with it rather than other areas
  2. Your focus on something is the special attention you pay it
  3. If you say something has a focus, you mean that you can see a purpose in it
  4. If you focus your eyes or a camera, you adjust them, so that you can see clearly through it
  5. In Japanese Martial Arts there are two concept relating to focus

   a. Kamae which is the physical manfestation of one’s mental preparedness

   b. Zanshin or state of awareness of spirit, mental and physical readiness that

must be maintained.

Learning an developing strong focus is a core component of our Martial Arts training and with each age group it’s slightly different.

What do we focus upon?

During April we’re looking at focus across all classes and in the children’s classes, it’s about observation skills, listening skills and concentrating across a range of different activities and with partners.

 There’s lots of ways to think about focus and it’s impact us both in our Martial Arts and also our daily lives.

  • We can focus on reaching our goals
  • We can focus on particular techniques and making progress within our Martial Arts
  • We can focus on enjoying our lives
  • We can focus on our families
  • We can focus on the future


Taster Sessions

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Smash your goals!

At Shin Gi Tai Martial Arts Academy we always talk about setting and smashing goals. The thing is goals are only achievable when you have laser-like focus.

A goal without focus is simply an aspirational dream that won’t come true…

Focus is a technique. This skill is something we learn about on day one when joining one of our programmes at Shin Gi Tai. Having that ability to concentrate without being distracted will unlock the key to seeing improvements fast.

Focus on fun! At the end of the day, I for one, like many of you, wouldn’t be doing Martial Arts or even teaching Martial Arts if it wasn’t fun.

We can’t forget that. If it isn’t fun it isn’t forever. 

Photo of ladies only karate class

What’s next?

What’s coming up next?

Next month we’ll be teaching the kids all about being courageous and the importance of testing ourselves. Don’t let yourself get side-tracked when you’re finding it hard to perfect a technique.  Focus on the joy of learning and you will get to where you want to be and the process will be much more enjoyable too.

I love to focus on the future and work on things that I can change. We always encourage our students to focus on what they want their life to be.

You become what you think about the most and what you enjoy the most!

‘The successful warrior is the average person who has with laser-like focus.

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