Kids Karate, Teens, Youth, Karate. Hatch Warren, Brighton HillBlack Belt Grading 2013

Harry van Meerkerk


I have been given the topic of Non-verbal communication as my research project for my black belt grading –

a)      Why are non-verbal communications important to a martial artist

b)      What non-verbal communications might someone use when they are fighting you

c)      How do you learn to control your own body language

d)      What are ways of reading someone else’s body language


To me, non-verbal communication makes me think of body language.  You can work out from people’s body language how they are feeling (happy, sad, angry, aggressive) and what they might do.  You can also let people know how you are feeling by controlling your own body language – I am going to try and learn how to do this J


This year I will research this topic in lots of ways.  I will use the internet to find information from Wikipedia.  Another way I can research this topic is by watching other children in my karate lessons, at school and can learn from my friends and family.  I will learn from my Sensei’s too.


While I am researching this topic I hope to learn different ways to communicate without talking and to learn how to understand how people feel in different situations.


I hope that my project will help other members of my class at karate to understand about non-verbal communication.