Karate Kids at home

These are some resources to help pass the time. We hope that you enjoy them.

Activities for Shin Gi Tai Martial Arts Academy members

Rising Heroes and Young Legends Activity Booklet – Booklet

Urban Warriors – to follow

From our friends at Rochford Martial Arts Academy

Chinese Swordfighting – Jianfa

Children’s Activity Sheets – Here

Children’s activities Sheets – Here


Puffin Books Activities

For <5 years old – Here

For 6 – 8 years old – Here

For 9 – 12 years old – Here

Other activities

Kids Travel book (lots of activities) – Here

Girls Journal (lots of activities) – Here 

101 Ways to become a Superhero or Supervillan – Here

Colouring Activities

Bring back the stolen colours – Here

You can’t take an Elephant on a bus – Here

Kitty’s activities – Here 

Selfish Crocodile – Here

Other Resources

National Geographic Kids Channel – Here

BBC Kids activities – Here

Activities from the scouts – Here