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My topic is to research the differences between Martial Arts and the areas within them. I will be looking at the three main areas within Martial Arts i.e. Fundamentals, fighting and katas/forms, and will be discovering how to:

distribute your time between the three areas

* how to find out which area is right for an individual

* the differences between a beginner and advanced individual practicing them.

Within the Martial Arts I will be looking at the differences between how people are taught and learn: Muay Thai, Karate, Judo, Tai Chi, Jeet Kun Do and Aikido.

I will be carrying out my research through the internet and martial art books from the libraries, and any other methods of research that is appropriate at that time and for the subject, i.e. I may choose to include photographic/video evidence and interviews.

I will prove my findings by cross checking them with other resources – other sites/books.

I will be presenting my findings through word documents in the form of essays or in PowerPoint Presentations.


Timetable for submissions of reports in 2013 as follows.


Months in 2013

Topic/s to research



Report will be submitted at the end of April.

Balancing training between  fundamentals, fighting and kata/forms.
Which is right for you?The differences in practicing fundamentals, fighting and katas/forms from beginner to advanced.


May – end ofMuay Thai report
June – end ofKarate report
July – end ofJudo report
August – end ofTai Chi report
September – end ofJeet Kun Do report
October – end ofAikido report
November – end ofOverall summary and conclusions.