Black Belt Project, Black Belt Grading, Adults Grading, ExaminationAs Martial Artists, we should all seek to constantly challenge ourselves to test our knowledge and skills every time we train. As Gichin Funakoshi (who is credited with introducing Karate to Japan) said “Karate is like warm water. If you don’t heat it constantly, it will cool.” Without this constant evolution, we cannot claim to be Martial Artists.

In line with this, we are making a significant change to how we run the Black Belt grading this year. In 2013, there will only be 1 Black Belt grading, this will take place during December on the weekend of Saturday 7th.

As part of their grading, candidates will have to complete and publish a given research project where they have to justify and prove all conclusions that they arrive at.

The aim of this is to challenge the individual on a personal basis to broaden and deepen their knowledge base over a longer period of time and ultimately with the goal to significantly improve their physical and non-physical skills.

The pieces chosen for each individual will be targeted to be challenging for them and although a stretch to complete will be achievable.

Adults will have to do the following

1. Produce an initial briefing by the end of February that will be published to explain

1.1. About their topic and what it encompasses

1.2. How they will be doing the research

1.3. How they will be presenting your findings

1.4. Some indications of their timetable during 2013 to achieve this

2. Between March and November to provide a minimum of six reports/updates on their progress and thinking.

3. Produce a short summary of findings and conclusions and teach a 60 minute class on that topic during November / December

Children will have to do the following

1. Produce an essay explaining

1.1. What the topic means to them

1.2. How they will be doing the research on the topic

1.3. What they personally hope to get out of their work

1.4. How they hope their work will help other children

2. Between March and November to write three essays on their topic. 

3. Prepare a short < 5 minute talk on their topic to discuss with the other children and be prepared to answer any questions that they may have on the topic


For all candidates regardless of age, they must still meet the necessary technical standards during 2013 to be invited to grade in December.